6 Easy Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

The movement toward eco-friendly lifestyles has grown increasingly popular throughout the United States. As a result of growing education regarding the negative impact that human actions have on the environment, the eco-friendly lifestyle is appealing to anyone who wants to help take care of the planet and live a healthier life.

1. Shop with reusable canvas bags.

Plastic shopping bags are among the top contributors to environmental damage. These plastic bags are hardly ever recycled properly and often find their way into our oceans, thus harming marine life and water quality. Since plastic is not a biodegradable product, it breaks into smaller, micro-plastics that remain within the environment as a toxic substance. Shopping with reusable bags as opposed to plastics can have a great impact on the environment, eliminating the unnecessary plastics that remain scattered throughout the environment.


2. Eat less meat.

While you don't necessarily need to eliminate meat entirely, lowering a decent portion of your typical meat consumption can really help the environment. The livestock business has plenty of negative impacts on the environment—this industry takes up approximately 30% of the Earth's surface and emits a significant amount of harmful greenhouse gases. By eating less meat, you'll help reduce emissions of these greenhouse gases. While it may not seem like you can make an impact on your own, being a part of the societal push toward eating less meat will help make a significant difference. 


3. Eliminate single-use products and recycle more.

As was mentioned before, plastics are not biodegradable and will remain in the environment forever. One of the most efficient and easy ways to cut back on plastic is by using a reusable bottle and eliminating your use of plastic bottles entirely. Plastic bottles contribute to serious pollution, and by only using reusable water bottles you can make a significant positive impact on the environment. 
While plastic water bottles are among the most common pollutants, it's also important to properly dispose of other recyclable products, including plastic, cardboard, and aluminum. Before you begin to recycle, it is a good idea to research the latest updates on recycling policies that are implemented within your neighborhood. 


4. Use eco-friendly personal and cleaning products.

While recycling and its environmental benefits may be common knowledge, the benefits of using eco-friendly personal and cleaning products are sometimes not as obvious. The chemical composition of these products can be damaging to the environment once they're washed down the drain or disposed of. The chemical properties within these products can also be damaging to your own health, so even though products that are not natural or environmentally friendly may be offered at a lower price, purchasing natural, higher quality products will help you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. 
Another less obvious personal product for an eco-friendly life is increasingly popular substance CBD. The extremely sustainable nature of the hemp plant provides substantial positive benefits for the environment, and purchasing CBD products promotes hemp farms and the CBD industry. Anyone interested in the benefits of CBD and the move toward an eco-friendly life should look to purchase CBD products from Plain Jane. Plain Jane products are among the best in the CBD industry in regard to health and environmental benefits. If it is your first time purchasing CBD, then you should visit tryplainjane.com for a great price on CBD products. If you are trying CBD for the first time, make sure that you are sourcing it from a reliable retailer such as Plain Jane. 


5. Decrease your water usage. 

Cutting back on water usage by running less water at home and not purchasing bottled water can have a significantly positive impact on the environment. The over-usage of water wastes energy and contributes to the carbon emissions and greenhouse gases released into the Earth's atmosphere. While decreasing water usage may sound difficult, it is quite easy as long as you are mindful of your daily usage and make it a point to eliminate anything that is unnecessary. 


6. Cut back on driving.

While driving solo is one of the most practical ways to travel, it is damaging to the environment. If you're going somewhere local, you should consider walking or taking a bike, as this cuts back on fossil fuels and has the bonus of being a source of exercise. When you do need to drive; however, taking public transportation or creating a group to carpool with can still help decrease any unnecessary and harmful emissions.


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle goes beyond these six steps and can be implemented in every aspect of one's life. For example, purchasing an engagement ring can be done in an eco-conscious manner by purchasing lab-created diamonds as opposed to a mined diamond. Agape Diamonds is a jeweler that specializes in creating lab diamonds that are of better quality than natural diamonds. Choosing a lab diamond over a natural diamond when purchasing an engagement ring or any other jewelry helps protect the Earth from the harsh effects of mining. Purchasing a responsibly sourced diamond is just one actionable step toward an eco-friendly life, and you can find more sustainable options for every part of your life if you simply do the research.

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