5 Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Tepee Tent While Camping

Finding snakes while camping in the wild is common. However, seeing a snake in the tent could freak you out. It is better to wait outside of your tepee tent until the snake slithers away on his own. Calling the hazmat team at that time may go out of your option as you may end up having zero signals on your cell-phone. 
Your best option is to avoid handling snakes on your way. However, they become an uninvited guest sometimes and enter your tepee tent. Few snakes can be deadly, yet this doesn’t scare the brave campers from camping.
Easy Ways to Keep Your Tepee Tent Snake Free
1) Choose Snake-free Area
Snakes are likely to be spotted hanging on the trees. Before setting up your tent, make sure you find a relatively clean area that is away from snake hideouts. Avoid places like vegetated areas, rock piles, or outcrops areas where it becomes evident for snakes. Ignore the areas where you see a lot of deadfalls or surrounded by massive bush.
2) Check Your Tent before Entering
Snakes are likely to live in shady places such as under the tent. It is always recommendable to leave your tepee tent zipper completely closed without leaving any gap while unattended.  Always check your tent after returning to ensure not to find an uninvited guest waiting underneath your tent. Make sure to shake out your sleeping bag to ensure that the snake hasn’t accidentally sneaked in. Also, check your boots before wearing them as they are one of the potential hiding places for snakes.
3) Ensure Tour Tepee Tent is Hole-free
Apart from keeping your tent closed, you must also check for holes in your tepee tent. Snakes can easily sneak into your tent if it has holes. You wouldn’t want to take a small chance of making it easy for snakes to get inside your tent. In case you find holes in your tent, make sure you carry some mending tools such as small scissors, sewing awl, grommet setter, and straight pins while packing. These tools will help quickly fix the holes in your tent to avoid the chances of the snakes getting inside the tent. If the holes are not repairable, then you can always look for high-quality tepee tents at theCampingGear.com.
4) Keep Food in Air-Tight Containers
Snakes barely have any interest in eating human food. However, your food can attract smaller animals, like rats and birds. If you leave your food unattended or in an open container, then these small animals may try to sneak in to eat it. However, these animals are food for the snakes, which inadvertently makes the snake enter your tepee tent. We recommend never leave your trash bag outside of the tent and avoid dropping crumbs near your tent. Make sure to store your food in an air-tight container avoiding indirect snake attraction.
5) Spray Chemical Repellent
If you have a phobia of snakes, then we recommend you carry some chemical repellents. The snake repellents have potential chemicals that keep the snakes away from your tepee tent. You can find these snake repellent spray at the nearest outdoor and camping stores of your house. Pack these snake repellent sprays before planning your camping trip. In case you couldn’t find them, you can always buy them online. To ensure your safety, make sure you spray the snake repellent after setting up your tent.
If you are someone who is afraid of snakes but loves camping, make sure you follow the tips to stay protected and safe.   

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