Best Kid-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Finding the perfect holiday for your family members is something that many people struggle with year on year. With many people booking out their holiday in advance before they have even booked the location, finding a location that everyone in the family loves can be a challenge. In this article, we will be providing you with some insight into the best kid-friendly locations for you to visit when you can travel in the future. 


Majorca is one of the many islands off of the coast of Spain that is perfect for your family when you are planning a holiday. With so much to see and do as well as some stunning beaches, this is a location that you and your family will love regardless of the length of your trip. With Alcudia's old town as well as Soller’s Seaside Scener alongside some of the best resorts on the island for you to spend time with your friends and family in the beautiful sun. 


If you are looking to travel to mainland Spain, there are several amazing locations for you to visit. Whether it be the coastline of Spain or the beautiful city of Madrid, there are several locations that you can visit with your family. With several historical locations in the heart of Spain as well as several theme parks and resorts for you to visit such as Royal Sunset Beach Club as well as Santa Barbara golf and country club, there are several affordable ways for you to enjoy the heart of Spain without overspending for a perfect budget-friendly family holiday. 

Rome, Italy 

Though there is a lot to organise when you are travelling such as a new passport and a UK GHIC for each family member, the location of the trip can also make and break the holiday. This is where Rome could be the perfect location. With the historical locations for the adults to explore and some of the best theme parks and resorts in the surrounding area for the children, Rome is the perfect location that we are sure your family will love. Though the weather is very hit or miss in this location, this is the perfect holiday for you in the long term. 

Florida, USA 

The final location that is perfect for your holiday in Florida in the USA. Though this is a long-haul flight that may not be suited to younger children, Florida provides the absolute best of Disney and Universal for the kids. With several amazing resorts around Florida as well as the chance to stay on Disney property, this is an amazing location for the whole family as the children can spend time on the parks whilst the adults spend time on the beach enjoying the amazing weather at this time to help you in the long term. 

With this in mind, there are several amazing child-friendly locations for you to visit to make the perfect holiday for all the family members without breaking the budget in the long term. Which of these locations will you be visiting for your holiday this year?

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