Solutions for Cash-Strapped Parents

Do you sometimes feel like you're living from paycheck to paycheck? You are not alone. Millions of moms and dads are close to the financial breaking point. The good news is that several excellent resources can assist cash strapped parents. For most people who take care of children, it's wise to sit down with a financial counselor and develop a detailed plan for addressing the situation.

After that, search for college scholarships if you're aiming to earn a degree or if one of your children is college-bound. Be aware that you might need to adjust your monthly budget significantly to put a new budget in place, based on what your savings and other financial goals are. Plan meals carefully to avoid overspending on groceries. Avoid eating at fast food restaurants, which are one of the biggest budget holes of modern times. Finally, make a point to build an emergency fund equivalent to about three months' wages. This can take time, so be patient and get in the habit of saving a little out of each paycheck.

Work with a Financial Counselor

Social service agencies in your city can connect you with a no-fee financial and budget counselor. Individuals who help people get their finances in order know how to meet any challenge and dig clients out of debt in a reasonable, non-gimmick way. When you meet with the advisor, bring a detailed monthly budget that includes amounts you have in savings and all active debts. Keep a positive attitude because professionals have seen it all and can help you find a way out of a financial hole.

Find Scholarship Money

If you are headed to college, or if an older child is ready to complete high school, consider using a free scholarship search platform. All you have to do is upload a basic profile and let the app do the rest. These useful platforms can uncover dozens of scholarship and grant opportunities that can cover some or all your education expenses. The platforms are an efficient way to identify financial resources and apply for multiple scholarships and grants in a matter of minutes.

Adjust Your Priorities

It's not easy to rework a monthly budget and live in a more frugal manner. But millions of cash strapped adults do it every day in an effort to decrease anxiety and yield good results in the long run. Expect to decrease the amount you spend eating out and on convenience items like candy, alcohol, and desserts. View your new budget as a training period during which you can transform your financial life and come out in a much better position.

Plan Meals and Avoid Eating Out

Meal planning is the key to saving money on food. Each week, try writing out menus for the 21 meals you and your family will consume. Breakfast and lunch are simple and can include standard, nutritious fare like cereal, fruit, and coffee (for adults). Dinner is the challenge. Opt for meals that are nutritious and inexpensive. There are many cookbooks that include hundreds of such recipes.

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