Guide to Calculate Your Out-of-Pocket Childcare Costs

The Child Care and Subsidy Block Grant may be able to help families who are having trouble paying for child care. Parents who work can get help paying for licensed child care to focus on their jobs or go to school. Children are less likely to be neglected or abused if they are not left alone or with people who don't have the proper credentials.

What benefit do you get from the Child Care subsidy? Subsidized child care benefits ensure that kids will be cared for in a safe and loving place while their parents work or go to school. Sponsored child care services may be offered as part of a plan to protect vulnerable people from harm like abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The family gets the subsidy, which is then sent to the daycare center. There is a chance that the family will have to pay some of the cost of child care. The amount will depend on the family's income, how big the family is, and how many people in the family need help.

During business hours, visit the Economic Security Administration office in the Child Care Services Division of the Department of Human Services to apply for the Child Care Subsidy. You can also go directly to the Level II Child Care Provider of your choice and fill out an application (the facility must be authorized to complete intake).

After turning in the completed Application for Subsidized Child Care Services, make an appointment with the Eligibility Worker at the first intake site. During the interview, the Eligibility Specialist will find out everything they need to know about your eligibility and that of your family.

Eligibility for child care subsidy

Depending on your situation, your family may be able to get CCS funds. To be considered for CCS, a person must meet the following requirements:

  • Providing care for a child younger than 13 who isn't in high school because of an exemption.

  • Get help from a good agency that takes care of children.

  • Pay the money you need for child care.

  • There must be proof of vaccination and residency.


How can someone find out how much of a Child Care Subsidy they can get?

The amount of your Child Care Subsidy depends on three things:

  • How much money your family makes as a whole.

  • Laws recognise what you do for work.

  • How much money you'll need for child care.

When your CCS amount changes, you must let Centrelink know about any changes to your income or activities. Because of this, you can be sure that your payments will continue to be fair and reasonable.

How to find out if an application for child care subsidy was accepted or not?

Child care subsidy payments can start as soon as you have finished the interview and are given all the necessary paperwork, including the name of the childcare center you want your child to go to. During the consultation, the Eligibility Worker will decide whether or not to approve your application and let you know if there are any other steps you need to take, like sending in more paperwork.

Reviews and changes in child care subsidy

The program that helps parents pay for child care is looked at often. Also, it usually stops or is reviewed:

  • The day after you start working or enrolling is over

  • If you are hurt or sick and can't work for 12 weeks (You can get unemployment benefits)

  • If your child has finished preschool or the OSCAR (Outside School Hours Care and Recreation) program.

  • If you no longer have to be a parent.

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