Accessorizing Your Nursery

When you begin thinking about creating the perfect nursery for your impending arrival, it is normal to think of color schemes first. If you already know the gender of the baby you are having, you may be planning typical gender colors. If you do not know the gender, you will be considering neutral color schemes and decoration styles. 

Accessories are a must-have for any nursery, the additional little touches that will make the room your child’s room. The personal touches that you will put so much thought into will make your nursery the perfect room for your new arrival. 

However, there is more to a nursery than simply decorating. There are certain items you will be certain to need to make the room functional and safe for your baby when you arrive home. 

What are the Necessities?

The specific items will vary from home to home and will depend on the setup of the room and the needs of each individual child. Some items you will not know whether or not you will need until after your child is born. However, certain items will be necessary for every nursery, so they can be planned in advance. 

Items such as: 

  • Blackout blinds to help your child sleep at all times of the day and in every weather.

  • A crib with a safe mattress and bedding – consider safe sleeping advice for where you live and what you are comfortable with. 

  • Storage options – you will always have more of everything than you think you will, so pre-planning storage will make the early days considerably easier. 

  • A room thermometer – keeping the room at the right temperature will help to keep your baby safe. There are several brands of room thermometers that change color depending on the temperature. This makes it easier to see, especially in the dark, whether or not you need to adjust clothing and blankets.

  • A baby monitor for when you leave your sleeping baby in a different room. A wifi baby monitor will allow you to see your baby in addition to hearing them. This is helpful if they are stirring, as you can see if you need to go into the nursery to settle them or if they are able to self-settle. 

Additional Items to Consider

Depending on your child's individual needs or tastes, there are several other items you may consider purchasing: 

  • A nightlight – some children may find this helpful if they wake or stir during the night, whereas other children might find this a distraction to settling back to sleep and may be more comfortable in a naturally dark room. 

  • A mobile for the crib – as above, some children may find this to be something fun that helps them to be distracted when they first wake, while others may find this a distraction to going sleep. 

  • A soothing toy, there are numerous brands available that play soothing music, white noise, or heartbeat sounds. This type of toy can be an excellent way to transition your child into settling to sleep on their own.

Whatever products you decide you need for your nursery, we are sure you will find the perfect items to match your color and decoration schemes.

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