Gastric bypass in Latvia is getting more and more attention, but WHY?

Gastric bypass is the most popular choice of weight loss surgery in the UK, as NHS and NICE statistics annually show. Google Search analytics also prove an immense interest in it, however, aside from "gastric bypass on NHS" the other hotkey term is "Gastric bypass in Latvia." Surprised? Yes and no. 

One of the main reasons is the cost of gastric bypass surgery in the private clinics of the UK and the unfortunately small availability of it via NHS. 

Overall, bariatric surgery in Latvia has been on the rise for the last 3-4 years, if not more. And for some excellent reasons. 

Weight loss surgery on NHS

Since bariatric surgery via NHS is free of charge for the patient, these are naturally the most sought-after options. However, the qualifying sieve comes with tiny, sharp holes (none of which is the fault of NHS). 

  • To even apply, you ought to have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or more. You must prove to have tried other non-surgical means of weight loss unsuccessfully. You must agree on both rigorous processes before even getting listed for the surgery and to a long-term follow-up after surgery. 

  • The aforementioned pre-listing process includes several meetings with the bariatric team (dietologist and psychology professional included) and months of supervised weight loss. 

  • Many people fail one or another qualification along the road and for those who finally get enlisted, the wait begins. Due to unfortunately low priority and ever-small overall funds, the waiting can last 3-48 months. 

Gastric bypass in the UK

To those unfortunates who do not pass or cannot afford the wait, another option lies in a multitude of private bariatric clinics across the country. However, patient-funded gastric bypass costs fall between £9500-15 000 which makes this a non-option to many, if not most people. 

Gastric bypass cost abroad

The latter leads to a large number of people getting into bariatric tourism, a trendy name for seeking out a suitable foreign clinic and traveling there to have the surgery. Reasons? No special processes to pass before the surgery, except the logical „be fit enough for the anaesthetics and surgery itself“. Waiting time is measured in a few months instead of years. And depending on the destination country, much cheaper prices. 

Within this ever-growing trend, gastric bypass in Latvia is much sought after, and this is why - 

Weight loss surgery in Latvia

Speaking of numbers first, gastric bypass in Latvia costs between £4775-5686, and often, this is the all-inclusive price. The only extra which remains is a flight to Riga, and these short, about 1.5 h flights, often cost less than £100. 

The most popular and also cheapest gastric bypass in Riga lies with Weight Loss Riga, £4323, all-in-the-price, tailored after patients’ actual, unique needs and assured by hundreds of slimmer, happy people. 

Add to the latter personified, confidential quality service throughout the process and high success, and it is no wonder Latvia and WLR especially draw in more and more people. So, if in need, you now know where to look! 

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