How to promote a blog about motherhood on Instagram in 2022?

Are you a successful mother who has managed to go through many difficulties of motherhood and do you have something to tell other women about? Then Insta is an ideal social media to share tips about such difficult things for newly—made mothers as breastfeeding, first complementary feeding, hygiene and baby health, difficulties of upbringing and so on and so on. In this article, we will look at the main ways that will help you develop your own blog about motherhood. There will be both free promotion methods and paid ones. For example, buying ads from other bloggers telling about how to be a mom or using the opportunity to buy Instagram followers to provide your page with a leg up.

When your blog is created, the page is beautifully designed, the avatar clearly says that this is a blog for future (and present) mothers, and the profile header attracts the attention of potential subscribers, you can start promoting the account

To begin with, you can share a link to your blog with friends, colleagues and relatives. Perhaps among them there will be women who are preparing for motherhood, and they will be interested in your personal experience. This way you will have your first few subscribers.

In addition, you can use activity chats. They can be found in various messengers and media (for example, in Telegram, Facebook or WhatsApp). Mothers and pregnant women have a large active community in which they can find support and mutually share experiences. In such chats, you can like, write comments and subscribe to  each other’s accounts. Of course, you need to remember that in addition to blogging worries, you have maternal ones, and there may simply not be enough time for all this. In this case, there are more convenient options for people with a tight schedule. For example, there is an opportunity to buy real Instagram followers. What does it give? Firstly, this is a significant time saving, and secondly, it increases the attractiveness of the page for potential subs. Such followers will not just subscribe to you, they will like, write comments, watch stories and show other activity on your page. Thus, you can use the free time for planning new publications, and not for activity chats. In addition, the activity on the page will increase, and IG will offer your publications to other users.

Another good way to develop a blog is advertising from other bloggers. Find moms with about the same number of subscribers who will be willing to talk about you for a mention in stories. It is not necessary to write to big bloggers with thousands and millions of subscribers, since the chances of success are small. The key to success is sincerity and creativity, which will definitely hook subs.

Conclusion. We have reviewed the main ways of promotion that work well for promoting a blog specifically on the topic of motherhood. To succeed and gain subscribers, be yourself. Share your personal experiences and difficulties that you have faced at different stages of your child's life, be honest and open. Everyone is already tired of the perfect picture in IG, it is important for people to know that it is difficult to be a mother, that you can get tired, angry, that your body is changing and life becomes completely different. And then your blog will become a real inspiration for other girls and women.

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