Intact vs. Circumcised ~ Penis Sensitivity Studies

Morris L. Sorrells M.D. discusses the penile sensitivity studies he and other doctors conducted that studied circumcised and intact penises. They concluded that circumcision ablates the most sensitive parts of the penis.


  1. I was circumcised at birth and have restored my foreskin. With my restored foreskin covering my glans, I can attest that the sensitivity of my penis is MUCH greater now that I have a foreskin. See to read accounts of other men who have noticed the difference.

    I can only imagine how my penis would be if I had not been circumcised because I cannot restore all the parts that were removed. Routine infant circumcision is wrong on so many levels.

  2. I hate my parents and my country and to some degree the world. Why shouldn't I? It has hated me, from my birth. I don't care if they say they loved me. They didn't love me with their works. They hated me with their behavior.

    Thanks for posting this video.



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