The Truth About Circumcision and HIV

The statistics in this article are a bit outdated - and thankfully things HAVE changed for the better in the United States over the past 5-10 years as parents become more fully educated before the birth of their babies. However, it is still a hot-topic area in the pop media and continues to sell papers when splashed across the front cover, so we need to pay attention to what research is really saying about circumcision and HIV. This article is by no means all-inclusive (there are decades worth of research already on this topic that show ALL illness/disease is lower among intact men and women (who have access to regular showers/clean water) than among those who have had their prepuce organ removed. One of the primary functions of the prepuce? PROTECTION. It is a self-cleaning organ that produces its own antibodies to fight infection and has its own sphincter to close out invaders. While nothing but abstinence or condoms prevent the complete spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, having a foreskin is certainly to one's advantage health-wise.


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Mothering, Issue 149

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