Babywearing: Back Wrap Cross Carry with 43lb Preschool Child

Our son is 30lbs and 32-inches tall at 12 months of age... We really needed to figure out a wider variety of ways to wrap and wear a taller/heavier baby and this mother does an excellent job demonstrating the Back Wrap Cross Carry with a 43lb preschool child. Kudos to her for making a helpful video for others out there wearing/wrapping tall/heavy babes, toddlers and children.


  1. Love this video! I still wear my 19 month old in our Moby but mostly in the winter since its about 102 degrees here right now!

  2. Is this a specific kind of sling or wrap or could you just use a sarong or long cloth?

  3. I know this is old, but I came across it looking for something else on your website... that is not a moby! just so everyone knows... its a woven wrap of some type (maybe a storch?), by the way she is wrapping with it, you can tell it is not stretchy like a moby. Woven wraps are designed to be supportive for heavier kids. :-)

  4. Thanks for the clarification.

    I should have been more specific - you can obtain a woven (non-stretch) wrap THROUGH Moby at:

    They are great for HEAVIER kids (i.e. over the 30-35lb weight limits that seem to be effective when using the standard Moby Wrap).

    We used the Moby (regular) and loved it from birth till about 32lbs and then *had* to switch to a woven, non-stretchy wrap in order to handle the weight.

  5. Yes, and the Dolcino wraps are so beautiful. The non-stretch fabric is so comfortable, and the colors of the organic cotton weave are lovely. You can buy them at Bundle here:

  6. Great video, thanks for sharing! I love wearing my daughter. she's now 41 lbs and nearly 4... so we don't wear as often as we used to.

    If you're looking for an awesome, supportive wrap that's not as expensive as the German woven wraps, but with a similar supportiveness and slight diagonal stretch I can highly recommend the wraps at The Portable Baby:

    Plus the material is lighter than my Didymos, so it's not nearly as hot. I love love love these and give them to every new mom I know.



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