Penn & Teller ~ A Circumcision Documentary [Full Version]

Additional information on the prepuce organ, benefits of being intact, and circumcision at: Are You Fully Informed?



  1. I think every expectant family should watch this documentary. I'm glad I knew enough not to do this 26 years ago. Thank goodness, I didn't have a boy with my first husband, we were arguing about it before the birth. 2 boys with my second husband but he had the same opinion as I, NO CIRC!

  2. My parents didn't know any better, so I guess they get a pass. Anyone who is "on the fence" today--go ahead and get your first son circumcised, but INSIST that you be present to watch the procedure done on your child. Both of you--Mom and Dad. Don't look away. Boy #2 may just have a chance. And tell your friends who are on the fence what you have seen. Just consider Son #1 the sacrificial lamb.

  3. Circumcision, along with other trauma, has lifelong impacts on the child - like ALL true trauma. This shocking practice should be outlawed, and it's a bizarre disgrace that we tolerate it still today.

    More Info' if you're interested:

    Andrew Atkin

    1. Glad someone else is for the ban. If MDS were unable to manipulate parents into thinking they had to 'make the circumcision decision' the MDs would no longer be able to defraud, torture and mutilate as they did 3,000 baby boys in the US today and every day.



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