Triandem Nursing

Several momma friends and I were talking about what we call triandem nursing (nursing 3 of your little ones). It made me think of this sculpture from Vigeland's Sculpture Park in Norway. Ina May Gaskin mentions viewing this statue (among others) when discussing the United States' epidemic case of "Nipplephobia" in her new fabulous book, Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding. I highly recommend that you all run out and get a copy. It is worth the pennies for the Nipplephobia chapter alone, but is full of women's wisdom.



  1. I am adding that book to my Amazon Wishlist. :-) Nipplephobia indeed!

  2. Joules Graves sings a song called Nipplephobia. Hear it here:

  3. Thanks, Teresa. Not as good, I think, as Bowser and Blue's historical song, "Why are we busting the breast?"

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  5. Just came across this old post and had to comment. I love that sculpture!!! That's how I felt when nursing my two sets of twins at the same time.

    P.S.- Is there a word for nursing 3 or 4 babies at the same time?



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