Moving Tips for Families with Kids

Moving to a new home is hard enough on its own. When you add kids to the situation, it becomes that much harder. Kids often struggle with goodbyes to their old home, maybe a home they spent their whole life in. It’s also hard to leave friends and family behind. The best way to move with your entire family is to be prepared. Follow these tips to make the transition from one home to the next seamless!

Tip 1: Start with a Conversation

It is tempting for many parents to keep information about the move secretive, at least until closer to the actual moving date. While this might seem like a way to protect your kids, it actually will make the change more stressful. Be proactive by having a conversation with your kids. Talk to them early on about the new situation, and give them a chance to ask any questions about why you’re moving and what moving might mean for them.

Explain to them all the positives of this move. Maybe they’ll have their own room for the first time or they’ll be closer to family! It’s normal for kids to feel confused or sad at this change, so be patient through tears. Keep your children involved in the process so they have more time to adjust to the move. Finally, be clear with your children that all the important things will stay the same. They’ll still have their favorite nightlight, they’ll still be able to call grandma every week, and you’ll be with them every step of the way.

Tip 2: Pack with Kids

Your children will likely be stressed by the prospect of packing all their belongings before a move. The best way to help ease them through this process is to include them in your packing efforts. Older children might be prepared to decide what they keep and what to donate. To avoid even more stress on moving day, search for a reputable moving company. A company like Platinum Furniture Removals will take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your family during the move.

Tip 3: Build Excitement with Kids

Sometimes the best way to get your kids onboard with a new move is to distract them with excitement to come! While kids might still be sad to leave their school or old friend behind, they can still get excited about any new things you can share about the move. Research your new neighborhood together and find a list of new activities to do together. Maybe your new house will have a pool or your new city has a great children’s museum. These little things might be just what your kid needs to look forward to a new home!

Tip 4: Keep to Schedule

Your kids probably have a routine they associate with your old home. They get home from school at 3, they eat diner at 6, and they get ready for bed by 8. No matter the routine, try to stick with it. Provide as much structure and community as possible. Surround your child with the same familiar things from the old home, like the same bedding, similar toys, and bedtime stories. These little things might make the difference in a restful night and a late-night tantrum. If your children are used to talking to grandparents or other family members, try to keep these ties going through phone calls or video chats. Soon, the new schedule will feel normal!

Move Your Family with Confidence

Moving is just as stressful for you as it is for your kids! Remember, younger kids might not fully understand your move, and it can be hard on them to separate from everything they came to learn as normal. Leave room for angst and sadness in your move and lead by example. Show your kids that even though you’re sad you left your own home, you’re so excited for this new adventure! You’ll be all settled in no time!

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