All You Need to Know About Memorial Diamonds Made from Baby's Hair

Though you may not have heard of it before, memorial diamonds made from baby’s hair are gaining a lot of popularity these days. The process of converting your little one’s hair is quite simple as carbon is a common element found in both hair and diamonds. If you are curious to know more about these unique diamonds and you want to join the growing list of parents who have invested in these diamonds then here’s all you need to know about these hairs turned into diamonds, i.e., memorial or celebrational diamonds.

How Real Diamonds Differ from Baby’s Hair Diamonds?

Natural diamonds are formed when carbon beneath the surface of the earth is subjected to extremely high pressure and temperature. Usually, this process needs billions of years, and the diamonds are then mined in nearby places where volcanic eruptions take place.

In contrast, diamonds made from baby’s hair are considered lab-grown, or synthetic, because they don’t pass through any geological processes. These are also called hair diamonds or celebrational or memorial diamonds. Cremation, on the other hand, are diamonds that are usually made from the hair of a loved one who is no longer alive.

Colors of Memorial Diamonds

When making memorial diamonds, the most common color option you have is yellow which is due to nitrogen content present in human hair. If you want other colors like blue, nitrogen from the composition is removed to make it. You can also opt for colorless diamonds but the process involved, i.e., the purification will take a long time.

The Quantity

The quantity of hair needed differs from company to company. This company wants you to submit 0.07 ounces of hair in a sample bag and send it over if you want to get your baby’s hair turned into diamonds.

Time Needed

Though the time needed to make human hair into diamonds differs from company to company, it usually takes a couple of months to get through the complete process. You can customize the hair diamond as much as you want.

What to Do After You Have Memorial Diamonds Made from Baby’s Hair?

After owning diamonds made from hair, you can have them loose and display it in a case to all friends or family, or you can turn them into valuable jewelry too. A good company will allow you access to different settings and designs that can be used to hold precious hair in place. Some clients prefer diamond necklaces while some prefer rings. You can also opt for earrings or bracelets as well.

Why Opt for Memorial Diamonds Made from Baby’s Hair?

You should invest in memorial diamonds made from baby’s hair because it’s a perfect way of showing your love for them. These diamonds don’t pose any threat to the environment nor do they endanger our habitat. The main reason for opting for this method is that your loved ones will be with you at more affordable prices as compared to natural diamonds.

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