The second wedding anniversary for a couple has been traditionally celebrated by an exchange of gifts made of cotton, while the more modern expression of second-year love is china, with each of these having its own specific relevance to the relationship.

Traditional vs. Modern

Cotton is an interwoven fabric, highly durable in nature, and this is a reminder to the couple that their lives should also be tightly interwoven, so that their relationship can endure against all. Some possibilities might be: luxurious Egyptian cotton bedsheets and pillowcases, cotton tablecloth or placemats, His and Hers matching robes, or some kind of cotton garment.

China, on the other hand, is a beautiful and elegant indicator of how potentially fragile a relationship can be, if that tight bond is ever weakened. A few ideas involving china might include: a gold dipped natural rose, a China vase or plate, any kind of garnet (the gemstone theme) jewelry, or some kind of floral gift based on lily of the valley (the flower theme).

Second-Year Theme

As noted above in the gift suggestions, the traditional themes for the second anniversary are garnet as a gemstone, and either cosmos or lily of the valley as a floral theme. The Greek connotation for floral cosmos refers to love, modesty, and completeness, while lily of the valley signifies trust, purity, and sweetness. A floral alternative would be rose, and a gemstone alternative would be rose quartz, with the second-year color theme of red in sync with both alternative choices. Rose is meant to be a color-compatible romantic expression of eternal love, and would be a good choice for this anniversary or any other.

Of course, you are entirely free to seek your own ideal solution for a second anniversary gift, but these two suggestions can serve as guidelines to help you in your quest for the perfect gift.





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