How Becoming a Mother Changes Your Psychology

Do you know what discovering your new maternal side is called? Primary Maternal Preoccupation. This stage has a dedicated term because every woman gets consumed by her baby. She forgets everything else, even taking care of herself. This is a very special phase as you will be highly sensitive to identify and fulfill your baby's needs.

Thoughts of your baby will fill your mind which will influence your behavior. Your previous mental state will be sidelined for a while. This state of mind will last throughout your entire life, but it won’t take center stage of your brain every time.

You will never become the same person you once were. This newfound identity would have taken you over even if you adopted a child. This stage doesn’t have to do anything with your genetic connection to the child. Following, we are going to break down some of these changes.

Interest in the Company of Women 
As you become a mother, you will be more interested in spending your time in the company of women. This will help you form a support network with other mothers undergoing the same circumstances. It’s surprising but you will show a greater interest in spending time in the company of women, in or outside of your family.

Seeing Your Husband Differently 
After your baby is born, you will start seeing your significant other more as a father of your child than your partner. This may diminish your libido, aggression, and competition towards him to favor taking care of your baby.

Coming to Terms with Your Responsibility 
It's not easy to come to terms with the fact that you are responsible for someone’s life. As a mother, you are responsible for keeping your child alive and help him to grow/thrive. You will be making important decision about your child’s life the whole day. No other job requires such level of commitment and responsibility. Not to mention, you are not getting any holiday or weekend break. As you witness your child grow and develop, you will be confident that you have the ability to give them what they need to thrive.

Spending Most of Your Time with Your Baby 
Before becoming a mother, you were busy doing irrational stuff. You had control, predictability, and schedule. Well, the way you will interact with your baby will be different. You will need to hold, coo, and soothe your baby in a rather non-intuitive way. You will need to be creative and on your toes all the term.

Realize Your New Role and Status
After giving birth, your role in your family changes. You are providing a new generation, and you contribute to your family’s longevity. Society assigns this new role with inherent expectations despite your feelings about them. You are no longer a free woman. Instead, you are considered a single unit with your baby, and your responsibilities towards him. To see how you will fit in, take the Psychopath Test.

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