Camping Time: 7 bedding options for your kids this summer

Ah! The annual family camping trip is often a blissful time where even if those little devils smuggled it on the trip, technology never works! With the ebb and flow of the river and the sweet sounds of nature, it is sure to be a trip to remember. But you don't want the trip to be memorable because no one slept well. Our little ones can be fussy about where they sleep and there are not many easy sleeping options so without further ado, here are some bedding options for your kids this summer!

Camping cots

Camping cots are a good option because they are narrow so you can fit more of them in the tent and they are close to the ground so your kids won't hurt themselves if they fall from it. The con is that it is quite low to the ground so it could pose mobility issues getting in and out of it.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags make great space savers as you can pack them in your child's bag. They are good as they require little setup and allow your children to have a cozy sleep. A con of sleeping bags is that sleeping on the ground could cause neck or back discomfort and the child may not be able to regulate their temperature while in the sleeping bag.

Folding mattress

Folding mattresses are good for the more fussier child as they mimic their bed at home and allow them that little bit of familiar comfort in what can sometimes be a scary environment. Folding mattresses are a great way to bring creature comforts with you but they don't always come assembled, lack instructions and can sometimes collapse.

Air mattress

If you don't want to lug a folding mattress on your next camping trip, then why not take an air bed, they are compact, lightweight and offer your child a fun nights sleep wriggling around on them and keeping the whole tent up! Just make sure you don't forget the pump! The obvious cons of any air mattress are their ability to deflate during the night and they could be punctured easily.

Self-inflating mattresses

Self-inflation mattresses are a good idea as you require no tools or pump to assemble and it allows your children some responsibility for themselves on the journey. As above remember these things can deflate easily and sometimes have a maximum weight level to them. So they may not work for sleeping more than one child.

All in one bed

This is self-explanatory basically the bed looks like a sleeping back attached to a bed. While they can be bulky again if it keeps your kid happy and quiet then what else matters. On a plus side, you don't have to lug blankets with you on the trip. The con to these is obviously how bulky they are and also the fact that your child could overheat as the blankets are stitched on. Moreover, if they had an accident it may be difficult to clean them.

Carp Fishing Beds

These little babies are amazing because they have adjustable legs to allow for a restful and safe sleep on an uneven surface. So if your child wants to sleep by the river bed then no harm no foul! As a con, the mattresses on these beds are very thick and they are very expensive. You could make the same kind of bed for less using a stretcher.

There are many options out there for your next camping trip so just do your research and even let your child help you pick the right bed for them to ensure a happy and safe camping trip this summer!

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