When Should You Start to Prepare Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girl dresses are some of the cutest and beautiful dresses you have at any wedding, while the bride should be the center of attention it’s often the flower girl who steals everyone’s heart. Yet, it can be a difficult job preparing flower girl dresses for any young girls as they grow at a rapid pace compared to bridesmaids and older women. It’s not easy planning a wedding, and when you have to think about flower girl dresses, it’s even more confusing and complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, we hope it helps you in preparing the dresses before your big day comes around and takes a little stress off of you when you’re thinking about everything else.

Choose a Style and Design

This is possibly the easiest part of preparing any flower girl dresses, simply take a look online or visit some stores with your little one to try on different styles and designs. Since they’re only young, you want to choose something suitable and comfortable for them to wear. Typically flower girls are below the ages of 6, so they’re going to get very uncomfortable if you make them wear a dress style that isn’t perfect for them. Although ordering online is more affordable, we would definitely recommend going to a store in person and trying on the different styles on accordingly. If you’re thinking about color too, ivory flower girl dresses are popular!

Consider Their Age

One thing many brides forget when they’re buying flower girl dresses is that young children grow – a lot! They can have growth spurts overnight depending on their age. This is why it’s essential to think about how old they are, after 2 years old, it is averaged that a child will grow by around 2 and a half inches per year up until adolescence but may have a major growth spurt between 8 to 13 in girls. In this growth spurt time, they can grow up to 5 inches every few months. This isn’t the same for every child, but it’s important to consider the idea that you may buy a dress 3 or more months in advance and when the time comes around to wear it for the wedding – it won’t fit.

Buy a Dress Too Big or Wait to Buy It

Thinking about the growth of the flower girl(s) you have two main options to think about. You can either buy a dress that is a little too big for them right now (but it can be altered according to their growth), or you can wait and buy it only 2 weeks in advance. We understand this may seem stressful as it will be so close to the wedding but in fact, it saves the confusion and having to keep trying on dresses all the time. We would recommend choosing a style you like beforehand but only buying it nearer to the wedding.

To efficiently prepare a flower girl dress, you’ve got to be armed with the right tools and know that not everything is going to go to plan – there may be incidents or mistakes that happen during your wedding planning, just don’t let the flower girl dresses ruin anything! You’re more than capable of planning a beautiful and successful wedding day – we believe in you.

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