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Is your kid fussy while made to eat food? Does your kid only like junk food and avoids all healthy food? Well, that's because no matter how nutritious some foods like broccoli and spinach are, kids don't like the taste of those green vegetables. What your kid wants is some tasty and scrumptious food, while you want a nutrient and vitamin-rich food intake for your kid. Look no further, as we have combined the list of healthy and tasty meals, which would get your kid's taste buds kicking and help him in his body growth and development.


Tofu is manufactured after being pressed into solid white blocks from condensed soy milk, and the manufacturing process is quite similar to that of cheese. Safe for human consumption, in fact very kid-friendly, tofu contains some rich vitamins and minerals. It is very high in protein intake. It also includes all essential amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, fats, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, and fiber. Tofu is not generally used to serve as a whole dish, but it enhances the creamy flavor of desserts. Tofu helps in bone growth and strengthening, which is why we consider an ideal eatable for kids.


Scientifically proven to have more calcium than a glass of milk, yogurt is very healthy and beneficial for young kids, especially those who are planning to keep their stomachs clean. Yogurt contains probiotics, which is a bacteria that helps keep bellies healthy and clean. It also contains protein, making it ideal for kid growth. Yogurt is a much better option compared to low-quality sugary products, which are not so good in their nutrient intake. Whether you select just to use some honey, cornflakes or biscuits, there is no denying that yogurt is a healthy treat for all, especially kids, and can suppress stomach pain.


Fish has always been known to be high in nutrition intake. So what makes Salmon even unique? Well apparently, it makes the first list of lowest mercury intake – an element which is hazardous for human consumption. This rich-in-protein fish also contains OMEGA-3 fatty acids, which is another plus for your kid’s development. Salmon has natural flavor, which means that it can be grilled or cooked with little to less seasoning using best bbq utensils and tools easily. This food is a definite plus for kids and adults alike.


Mango is that one fruit that is loved by kids and adults equally alike! Whether your kids choose to eat it as it is or make a milkshake or juice, mango will always be the king of fruits. Not only a scrumptious dessert, but mango is also rich in the supply of vitamin C, which is plenty to keep your kids’ immune system active and running, while also providing an abundant intake of fiber too. Contrary to popular belief, this sweetened fruit is also suitable for both teeth and gums. The good thing about this fruit is that this is something that is both nutritious and tasty to eat too, compared to spinach and broccoli, which are usually avoided by kids.

Grilled food

You might consider us absurd for just saying so, but the cooked food is actually pretty healthy. Grilled food prepared using quality grills is a better option compared to deep frying and pan frying, and when combined with some other natural elements, it becomes even better to eat. All in all, it all entirely depends on the food preparation. If you choose to season your food with either lemon juice or garlic, your kids would love the distinct savory flavor, and it will help reduce the intake of excessive sodium due to a non-salty seasoning. Bring out the barbecues, parents!


Also known as the creamy greenish fruit, the avocado is consumed a lot in the western world, and for all the right reason. Most parents opt to use it as a spread on toast in place of butter or mayonnaise. Also, mashing it after peeling and then devouring it is also a good choice. Avocado contains fats but the healthy ones, i.e., mono-unsaturated ones. It can also be combined with lemon juice etc. to get the best taste. Also, avocado shakes are not a bad idea as well, and once your kids get the hang of its delightful flavor, they would be asking for more!


We really hope that this list has helped you discover the healthy plus tasty side of food for your children. Most of these foods are pretty high in protein, vitamins, calcium and fiber intake, and moreover, have almost no side effects. Also, these food look tasty and appetizing, which is a plus point especially if you have children who are very selective in food choices. But don't forget the essentials! Milk, water, and grains are some of the must-haves for your kids, and no compromise should be made in them.

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