Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For the babies (forcibly) born this 12.12.12 day...

For all the babies who will be forced out into the world today, before they are ready...

"There are no birth dates more special than those our babies choose for themselves. Let's honor them with this." ~Danelle Frisbie, whose first son almost arrived 08-08-08, but was allowed to choose for himself when he was ready.

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  1. We hoped my son would arrive on 09-10-11, but alas he chose to wait until 09-19-11. I am SO glad we let him choose his birthday!

  2. My second boy could have been an 11-11-11 baby, but he waited until 11-21-11. :)

  3. I went into labor 1-11-11 and wouldn't let them rush me! 1-12-11 Was the best day of my life :)

    1. YEAH!!! I love hearing stories like this. Good for you, Momma!!

  4. My sister had her son on 12-12-12 and the kicker was, he was born 12 minutes before 12 (midnight)
    She was 10 days overdue, and had been in the hospital since the day before with contractions. Total fluke, totally amazing :)

  5. I hoped my first baby would be born a couple of days early and beat the new year. Instead she waited until January 14 (ten days past my "due" date). All three of her sisters followed suit. Second was due at Thanksgiving, but she choose December 4 (42 weeks gestation) and so on with the last two, lol. Wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing like holding my big healthy girls who latched right on and just felt so ready for the world.



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