Peaceful Parenting Promotion

If you own or operate a business, group, product or service that is mother-baby friendly, health conscious, or holds to natural family living foundations and wish to promote via and the Peaceful Parenting communities at large, the following are current options for doing so. Please write to with questions.

See audience details below to learn more about the audiences that will see your work, visit your business, and increase your customer base while featured at and with Peaceful Parenting.

Option One

Do-follow linked articles that are of direct interest to Peaceful Parenting families.
Rate: $50 per article

Email your completed/edited article to  Related photography and final editing will be added before publication, and the link emailed back to you.

Option Two

Business Promo Linked Box on Home Site
- Description: Have your eye-catching, hyperlinked business logo or ad featured on the top sidebar at and shared widely with the Peaceful Parenting Facebook and Twitter communities. All visitors to the website will see your product or business name.
- Sponsorship Amount: $30/month or $300/year. (Note that traffic/ad algorithms value advertising on at approximately $1,700/month per ad based on readership. We are greatly reducing this amount to be inviting to small mom-and-pop businesses, natural family living groups, and those that are baby/child-friendly.) 

Send your box sized ad (square or circle dimensions) and business site/link for hyperlinking to: Directions for payment options will be emailed to you and your ad live once payment is processed (cash, check, money order, or PayPal). If you prefer particular promotion or messages when shared on Facebook and Twitter, please include these as well with your email.

Option Three

Business Promo Linked Banner on Article
- Description: Include a compelling banner for your business at the bottom of any article and be shared with the hugely popular Peaceful Parenting communities at Facebook and Twitter.
- Rate: $10/month or $100/year. (See note above on value.)

Send your banner ad (rectangle is recommended for spacing and viewership) and business site/link to:  Directions for payment options will be emailed to you and your ad live once payment is processed (cash, check, money order or PayPal). If you prefer particular promotion or messages when shared on Facebook and Twitter, please include these as well with your email.

Option Four

Business Promo with the Peaceful Parenting Communities - Facebook and Twitter

* Day Sponsor: Be highlighted in a pinned post that remains on the top of the peaceful parenting community page. Your link (website, article, page, etc.) of your choosing will be first to be seen at the top of the Peaceful Parenting Facebook page for the week. Costs to maintain Peaceful Parenting and the website (including meeting all needs and requests that come into the organization) are approximately $96/day. You can sponsor PP for this cost and cover all expenses for one day, or be featured as a sponsor for the rate below. Thank you for your participation in our ongoing efforts!
- Rate: $20/week

Send your business link and description (or promotion for customers if applicable) to Directions for payment options will be emailed to you and your business featured on the day of your choosing, provided it is not already booked by another business. First come, first serve. You may sign up as a Day Sponsor up to 1 year in advance.

Option Four

Business Promo via Discounts, Coupons and/or Product Samples Sent to Peaceful Parenting Members
- Max: Unlimited
- Rate: Free
Email Discounts, Codes and Specials or Item Give-away Description to: Be sure to clearly indicate your business website to be included in mailings for PP Members.

Each week Peaceful Parenting Members receive item give-aways, and your donated item will be featured with the community at large as well (viewership of over 200K). Businesses may ship directly to the winner(s) OR ship give-away and sample items to:

Peaceful Parenting
P.O. Box 1302
VA Beach, VA 23451

Peaceful Parenting Members receive bi-annual emails with discounts and specials for family-friendly businesses and natural living products, and weekly give-aways of products and prizes from businesses that are family-friendly. We welcome your contribution and will be happy to share your materials with the PP community.

Audience Details is a website read by an average of 500,000 per month according to Google statistics. Numbers may be more or less depending on traffic and sharing that particular month. The majority of readers are in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and Germany (Graph One). Well over half of readers are female, many with an interest in parenting related subjects, and most with or expecting children. Readers tend to be interested in gentle parenting, and natural family living. A significant number are well educated and/or take a vested interest in research and informed decision making.

Graph One

The Peaceful Parenting community on Facebook is currently made up of approximately 213,000 individuals. Readership tends to reflect statistics at with audiences primarily coming from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and Germany. Over half of readers are female, and most have an interest in subjects such as: pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, baby sleep, health, baby care, development, gentle discipline, natural family living, etc. Posts are typically read by an average of 400,000 - 800,000 per period, but viewership ranges from 200-thousand to 7-million depending on the engagement of the audience (Graph Two). Posts on the Peaceful Parenting page are automatically shared with the Peaceful Parenting Twitter community as well.

Graph Two is cited in well-read publications and referenced by numerous professionals, including:

Toxic World, Toxic People: The Essential Guide to Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living

The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning

Mothering Magazine

Holistic Parenting Magazine

Natural Mother Magazine

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. William Sears


Guest Authoring at

Thank you for your interest in publishing an article at Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding guest authorship with peaceful parenting. Please review all the information below, and email if you have further questions:

Q1: Do you accept guest articles? If so, must they be original or can it include an item I wrote in another location?

A1: We welcome guest authorship at and feel that the wide variety of voices here lends to the community building and information sharing among parents and advocates, new and experienced. Articles can be those that are original in format and written specifically for publication at this site, or they can be items or excerpts from pieces you authored elsewhere. Articles that are accepted for publication at tend to have natural family living and gentle parenting in mind. We seek content that is unique, research or experience based, and well written.

Q2: What is your readership demographic?

A2: is read by approximately 500,000 per month according to Google Statistics. Average daily readership varies between 10-20,000 depending on article topics and frequency of publication. The majority of our authors note a significant increase in traffic on their own site. Our readership consists primarily of those in the United States and Canada, followed by readers in the United Kingdom (#3), Australia (#4), Germany (#5), India (#6), New Zealand (#7), Philippines (#8), France (#9) and Japan (#10). originated as a local effort on behalf of several professors to gather thoughts and materials into one easy-to-access location for students in the fields of human development, human health, and human sexuality. It branched to readers beyond the university when students began to share materials, and professionals in a variety of fields offered their work toward these educational efforts. Today, we still reach a wide number of students studying in the fields of development, health, and sexuality, and also those in working toward professional careers in birth, lactation, family counseling and the social sciences.

A second, yet equally prevalent group of readers, include new and expecting parents, as well as those raising families in a 'natural living' manner -- parenting gently along the way.

Q3: What subjects do you publish on?

A3: We do not put limitations on the wide array of topics published at, however, most of the articles you will find here are research-based and address subjects of interest to natural living families. We not only accept articles that are research oriented, but also those that are opinion or experience based, articles on current news, reviews, awareness raising items, poetry, photography, artwork and more. Most of our readership is interested in subjects that will be of interest to gentle parenting mothers and fathers, advocates of peaceful parenting, and/or those studying in the fields listed in A2. Our readership is especially interested in topics that pertain to healthy, conscious living and gentle, conscious parenting.

Items that pertain to the subject of genital autonomy (intact care, circumcision, restoration, etc.) may be published at Saving Our Sons in addition to to reach a greater audience interested in the topic. You are welcome to inquire about this possibility if it is of interest to you.

Q4: Are there subjects you will not publish on?

A4: We present materials -- both research based and experience oriented -- from a mother/baby-friendly position. As such, we will not publish articles that counter healthy development, attachment and gentle living for babies, children, and the families to which they belong. We will not, then, publish items that encourage, support or push unnecessary surgical birth, artificial feeding of human infants, genital cutting, neglect, abuse in any form (including 'sleep training' and 'cry it out'), aggressive or manipulative discipline techniques, poor nutrition, or toxic products, among others.

It is currently a fad on websites to write "Top 10" or "5 Ways To..." lists. We rarely post in this format as it is generally not well researched or interesting to read. If your article is scholarly in nature, include full citations for references used.

Q5: How do I submit an article for consideration?

A5: Send your article or a link to your piece (if published elsewhere) to has two editors (who serve with peaceful parenting on a volunteer basis) and all items are edited prior to publication.

If you are the author of a published book and would like an excerpt used at with links back to your work, please provide us with the title, chapter, and suggestion for excerpting. We have a local lending library that houses over 2,000 books related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babies, children, families, sexuality, etc., so we may have yours here. If not, you are welcome to send a copy to:

Peaceful Parenting 
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

With your completed article for consideration, also include the following: 
  • Author's name as it should appear. Pen names are acceptable, especially for sensitive or personal essays, but this should be noted so we are able to save a copy in our correspondence with you. 
  • A brief bio to go at the end or beginning of your piece if you wish. Links and a photograph may be included. 
  • Link(s) to your homepage, business, website, book, Facebook page, or wherever you would most prefer readers to go for more information on you or your subject. 
  • A photograph or graphic if you have one (or several) that you would like to use within the piece. We will watermark images with a copyright for you upon request. If you do not have a photo you wish to use, we will select one that fits the theme of your article from among those we've been given in the past. 

Q6: How will I know if my item is chosen for publication? 

A6: Because of the volume of submissions we receive for consideration, you will only receive correspondence and an email back if and when your article is accepted for publication now or in the future. If it is accepted, we will indicate the general timeframe in which it will appear (this week, next week, next month). We select approximately two items each week for publication. 

 We thank you for your interest in publishing at and look forward to reading your work! 

Breastfeeding Info Cards, etc.

Additional items (babywearing, gentle parenting, intact information, etc.) can be found at the Info Cards tab at the top of

Bracelets are made of recycled materials in the USA. Cards are produced on extra heavy card stock, full color, double sided, and glossy. This costs slightly more for manufacture, but makes materials durable and professional. They are items you can be confident in sharing and know they will last.

To order via mail, write to:
Peaceful Parenting
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Be certain your shipping address in PayPal is correct, or email this information to We cannot be responsible for mailing addresses that are incorrect or incomplete. To send to a friend, enter their address in PayPal, or send an email with instructions. We do ship anonymously to friends/family if you wish to do so.

Breastfeeding Mom's Info Pack

The Breastfeeding Mom's Info Pack was created to send to an expecting mother who plans to nurse her baby, in situations where you'd like to give her something encouraging, plant seeds of useful information, and empower her in the gentle care of her baby on the way. 

These packs include:
  • 1 'peace love momma milk' bracelet, 
  • 5 lanolin samples, 
  • $5 in Lansinoh coupons, 
  • 1 Calmoseptine sample pack,
  • 1 'wean me gently' poem and natural weaning facts postcard, 
  • 1 'thank you for breastfeeding' card, 
  • 1 'new parent?' card that specifically has links for those expecting boys, 
  • 1 feeding-on-cue (no 'cry-it-out') card,
  • 1 breastfeeding/circumcision informational card. 
  • 1 breastfeeding journal, 'how big is baby's stomach' chart, and helpful tips booklet

The bracelets are dearly loved by nursing moms everywhere and come in regular adult size, or small size for those with smaller wrists. The lanolin samples and coupons are heartily used and appreciated by new nursing moms. The poem is a favorite (read here) and the informational cards have been useful in leading mothers to empowering information for many years. (See cards in detail below)
If there is any item you would like to leave out of the pack, please include a note with your order or email  We are happy to customize anything for you.

Bracelet Size

Got Momma Milk? Bracelet 

Human Milk Heals the World Bracelet

I MAKE MILK! Bracelet

Peace ❤ Love ❤ Momma Milk Bracelet

Available in small or standard adult sizes:

Know Better ❤ Do Better

❤ peaceful parenting ❤ purple bracelet

peace ❤ love ❤ parenting light blue

peace ❤ love ❤ parenting green bracelet 
(green currently unavailable)


Latch On cards for Nursing Moms


Thank You for Breastfeeding - Pink
Quantities of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 cards. For different quantities, email

Thank You for Breastfeeding (with laws)

Thank You for Breastfeeding (no laws)

Thank You for Breastfeeding - Spanish/English

Babywise / CIO Cards


New Parent? Cards
25 = $3
50 = $6
100 = $10
200 = $20
500 = $45
Request via email to or PayPal donation.

New Parent? Cards above and Congratulations Discussion Groups cards below are excellent to give to expecting parents who may be having a girl or boy, no matter if breastfeeding is planned or not. This allows parents to seek further information on items they are curious about, while stumbling into various mother/baby-friendly subjects along the way. These cards are also easy to give to strangers you meet (pregnant or with a baby) and well received in clinical practice, physicians' offices, and at baby expo events.

Congratulations Discussion Groups
25 = $3
50 = $6
100 = $10
200 = $20
500 = $45
Request via email to or PayPal donation.

Breastfeeding/Circumcision Cards
25 = $3
50 = $6
100 = $10
200 = $20
500 = $45
Request via email to or PayPal donation.

Congratulations Discussion Groups
15 = $3
30 = $6
50 = $10
100 = $20
200 = $40
Request via email to or PayPal donation.
100% Human Milk Stickers
18 = $3
36 = $5
54 = $6
72 = $7
90 = $8
108 = $9
Request via email to or PayPal donation.

TWO Lansinoh mOmma 5oz bottles with NaturalWave slow flow nipple. Comes with 5 samples of Lanolin (nipple ointment), $5 worth in coupons for future Lansinoh purchases (at any retailer), 5 'Thank you for breastfeeding' encouragement cards, and 1 'Wean Me Gently' poem card. 
$10 for 2 5oz bottles (includes U.S. shipping; add $5 for international shipping)

Shipping to:

Stickers (for use on samples, bite sized candy bars, Calmoseptine packets, Lanolin packets, little bubbles for kids, water bottles, magazines, fliers, packaging of materials, 'carding,' etc.)
18 stickers - $3
36 stickers - $4
54 stickers - $5
108 stickers - $9
126 stickers - $11
*Order buttons for this item are not currently working. Please send to with a note per your request.

Lansinoh Lanolin Single Size Samples With Stickers for Expos, Events, and Give-Aways. Cost covers stickers and shipping ("Latch On" stickers seen above, unless otherwise requested).
25-50 samples - $7
51-75 samples - $11
76-100 samples - $14
*Order buttons for this item are not currently working. Please send to with a note per your request or include in PayPal note.

Lansinoh Lanolin *Single Size Samples* With Coupons. Each single sample comes with a $1 off coupon good toward any future Lansinoh purchases. Cost covers shipping and "Latch On" stickers on each sample, for use at expos and events.
25-50 samples - $7
51-75 samples - $11
76-100 samples - $14
*Order buttons for this item are not currently working. Please send to with a note per your request.

Calmoseptine samples (best ointment for use on baby's diaper area; genitals, foreskin, bum, and any rashes or irritation on the skin). This ointment was created for developing genitals and will not interfere with normal pH or healthy microflora. You can see more on how to use it within this article Cost covers stickers and shipping. Each sample pack has enough for approximately 2 applications for a child or baby.
20 stickered samples - $7
40 stickered samples - $9
60 stickered samples - $11
80 stickered samples - $14
100 stickered samples - $18
*Order buttons for this item are not currently working. Please send to with a note per your request. 

Breastfeeding for All / Circumcision for None Bumper Sticker

Ship to:

Wondering what breastfeeding has to do with circumcision? View this article with statements from LLLI:



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