Thank You, Dad: For keeping me whole!

I came across a thread of messages from people thanking their husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, etc., who were cut at birth for keeping their baby boys intact. It is beautiful and heartwarming. I have mountains of respect for my (cut) partner for his wisdom in researching things fully before making decisions and not just blindly jumping onto bandwagons, even when it goes against his previous life experience.

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BlessedMommy2006 Wrote:

This is something that has been on my heart today and I just wanted to share.

Thank you so much for courageously choosing to look at the facts and choosing what's best for your son, even though it was different from what your parents chose for you. Thank you for being man enough not to feel that your manhood was challenged by your son's intact status. Thank you for not jumping into the "everyone's doing it" boat and using social reasons to justify circumcision. Thank you for being willing to stand up to criticism from your parents if needed.

To all men like this (including my wonderful DH who's total on board with intactness, should we have a son this time), I say thank you. You are making a huge difference.

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