Breaking Birth

By Danelle Frisbie © 2013

Breaking Birth

My body was made to birth. 
strong hips
                  powerful muscles
                            instincts fine tuned. 

My spirit has grown to birth. 
                                   self-trusting and sure. 

My mind knows how to birth. 
            taking a backseat 
                           as primal movements
                         take the reins. 

And yet I was not designed to birth
between these hospital walls. 

Monitors mess up my flow. 
IVs cramp my free movement. 
Food and drink restriction famish my muscles.
This gown cramps my urges.  
My body is stepped upon. 
My spirit is caged. 
My mind is wrecked with the havoc of intervention. 

Who are these people? 
Each one I do not know. 
Do not trust. 
Did not invite. 

What is all THIS that breaks apart my birthing circle?
My place of peace... 

Within these walls I cannot do what I was made to do.
I cannot be who I was made to be. 

Birthing Goddess. 

I was made to birth. 
I trust my birth. 

...but not within the confines of these hospital walls. 

~Danelle Frisbie 


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  1. Our broken, dying friend, Birth, is working hard, looking under every rock, in every nook and cranny, searching the world over to find healers. Thank you for doing what you do towards that healing. I think birth may be on the road to recuperation. Cut, Stapled and Mended by Roanna Rosewood is a very good read for VBAC moms, any mom, doula, midwife, human being. Blessings!



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