Love note for a second baby

By Danelle Day © 2014

Love note for a second baby

To my second little one on the way...

If I am to admit my fear, it is that I need to love you deeply, intensely -- with a love as BIG as I love your sibling -- but I am scared that I could not possibly love this greatly again.

I am told that this will undoubtedly happen. That a mother's love doubles the instant her second baby is in her arms. Yet I wrestle with doubt that this could not happen...

How could I love two more than life itself?

How could my heart - already full and overflowing - pour over another sweet child just the same?

The day I became Mom for the first time all the universe stood still. Before that moment there was no possibility of understanding this kind of love, this kind of attachment, this kind of soul-quenching power.

I would do anything, give anything, go anywhere, for my new baby.

The long nights of nursing, teething, rocking, snuggling...
The leaking, wearing, walking, singing, sleepy days that blend together...

It solidifies the rock upon which Mom and Baby are One.

How can this MotherBaby existence open up to add a third?

But I am told that it will happen. That there is something mystifyingly profound about the way that a mother's love works. Like the ocean waves that wash us over - and again, and again - each one as drenching as the one before, a momma's love for her littles is never less from one to the next.

So I trust.

I trust that what you and I have built already for these many months between us will only become insurmountable when we finally embrace.

I will breathe in your fresh goodness. I will touch your tiny, tender hands. I will scoop you up and never want to let you go.

We will nurse and snuggle and sing. We will rock and wrap and play. We will fall deeper in love each passing night, each new sunrise.

You have all of me, my sweet second baby. Every beat. Every breath. Every thought. Every step. And this does not take away from any other, in any way, because it is a mother's love. ❤

-Danelle Day © 2014

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

As a lioness with her cub, I will protect you fiercely, my little one. ❤

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