Our Bed

Sometimes our bed's

a quiet place

of silver dreams

and wiggle worms,

A Baby's sigh

as Sister squirms,

With little bodies

warm and round,

milk-sweet breath

and quiet sounds,

Of favorite pjs

soft and worn

until they're

positively torn.

Sometimes our bed's

a quiet, snugly place.

Sometimes our bed's

a noisy place!

with bouncy, pouncy,

flouncy games,

laughing, giggling,

silly names,

Peekaboo and

pillow plopping,

Jumping up and down

and hopping

like little bunnies

that we are,

we'll jump so high

we'll reach the stars!

Sometimes our bed's

a noisy, crazy place!

But whether it is

depths of night,

or midday when

the sun is bright,

Our bed's a happy,

loving, sharing,

fun and silly,

sweet and caring,

wonderfully perfect

Family place.

~ Jacquelyn B.

Jacquelyn is a SAHM who says she loves her kids to pieces. "They are a true blessing to me and when it comes to parenting, I have always done what I was most comfortable with - the things I felt were innately best, such as co-sleeping, breastfeeding, etc." Jacquelyn believes these primal parenting and gentle mothering ways have strengthened the attachment between family members, and fostered love, security, and peace in their home.



  1. Wonderful! I love this.

  2. So sweet! My favorite aspect of the family bed is sleeping in :-) I haven't felt sleep deprived since DD was 5 days old!

  3. So sweet and inspiring! I recently posted a pic of our family bed. I was emotional when I went to my room and saw my boys sleeping there :)




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