Uganda Woman Divorces Husband For Getting Circumcised

Photo by Ron Magill 

According to reports out of Uganda today, a woman has decided to end her marriage, stating that her husband gave into the pressure to be circumcised. He says that it was forced upon him.

After evading circumcision his entire life (with pressure from outsiders starting as a teenager), Wanangwe traveled to his home village in Mbale for his uncle's wedding last week when he was arrested and circumcised against his will.

When she heard what had happened to her husband, Sarah gave him one week to heal. Sarah did not give Wanangwe any help, saying that he went against their marital agreements by getting circumcised.

After one week, Sarah desired to be sexually intimate with Wanangwe, who had not yet healed from the genital cutting inflicted upon him. When he resisted, she packed up her belongings and left, stating that Wanangwe should marry those who circumcised him.

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  1. I don't know which part if that story is worse: being forcefully circumcised or being left by your spouse for something you didn't chose! It is like leaving someone after an accident leaves them disabled, even for a while. Both situations this man has gone through are just cruel!

  2. Arrested and CIRCUMCISED?!?!? Holy shit that has got to be a human fights violation... Poor guy

  3. so sad all the way around.

  4. And yet, Amnesty International refuses to recognise forced circumcision as a human rights violation.

    I wonder why I have refused to give to them for the last two years?

  5. so sad.... makes me so mad that she could be so heartless to leave him for something he had no control over... imagine the physical and psychological pain he must be enduring over all of this... :(

  6. That's one shallow wife!!

  7. yeah i wrote amnesty international once, and they never even answered my email

  8. The NewVision story from 6 months ago makes no sense. Either he was arrested for being intact or he wasn't. Why not do some journalism and find out which it is?

    And if she wanted to be intimate with the wounded husband, surely he could have figured out a way to serve her well without using his genitals. That fact that he couldn't would be grounds for ending the marriage whether he got cut by choice or by force.

  9. I am so sad for this man.



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