AB 768 Hearing: California Lawmakers Push Forced Genital Cutting on Babies

Image courtesy of the Barefoot Intactivist
Still photos from physician's circumcision training video here.

Hearing Footage Part One: 

Hearing Footage Part Two: 

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Legislative Analysis of the Bill *Note this analysis is full of myths, half-truth, and corrupt propositions and declarations that are not research based in the least. It shows just how pro-cutting the legislative board is.

AB 768 Press Conference

AB 768 Committee Hearing

California Politicians Make False Claims - Write the Governor

Foreskin-Restoration Thread

AB 768 Approved

Bill Passes to Protect Genital Cutting


Legalize Foreskin California

California: CHANGE Chapter

San Francisco MGM Bill

Bay Area Intactivists 

NOCIRC (chapters throughout California)

Assemblyman Mike Gatto's Facebook Page - page admins continue to remove pro-intact comments and research based discussion, so save a copy of what you write before posting.

Volunteer in your state with the MGM Bill.

Start a Peaceful Parenting Network chapter in your community and host meet-ups, workshops, and film nights on intact information.

Help administer your state's Whole Network chapter.



  1. I am sick to my stomach reading about this. The blatant disregard for gender equality and the infant's rights to body integrity is appalling.

  2. "The screams of a baby boy sound just like the screams of a baby girl". Wow. How do people not see this?

  3. I'm pissed the ACLU is in support! How about the infant's liberties???

  4. It's been illegal in Europe for decades. You Americans are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to education, intelligence, logic, reason, freedom, compassion, empathy, common sense, technology etc... This proves it.



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