Putting Consciousness Back Into Pregnancy

By Sascha Kalivoda © 2011

Conscious Pregnancy... surprisingly, upon doing some research, I found that this is not a frequently searched term on the internet. Being so engrossed by all things contributing to a healthy, well-adjusted life, I was so sure that I would find thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands, who were exploring this world right along with me. Nope, not thousands. Actually, barely even hundreds.

Now I must ask, is this a reflection of the current general sentiment towards pregnancy? Or are people simply using different words than I do? If you are reading this right now and aren’t feeling the support around you that you would like to be able to freely delve into and discuss the sacredness and wonder of pregnancy, then please know that there are some wonderful resources available to you, both on the web and in bookstores.

And just so you know, that feeling in your heart telling you that there must be more to all of this pregnancy and parenting business is valid – there is A LOT MORE, so keep looking! Reading DrMomma.org is a fantastic place for oodles of information, and you are always welcome to contact me personally if you need additional resources. At the end of this post, you will find three steps that you can implement right now to up the consciousness in your pregnancy.

Somehow, the ability to trust in the natural and intuitive nature of pregnancy and childbirth has become dormant, and as such, the process has been relegated to a medical event. No longer is it customary to embrace this very special time in a woman’s life as the miraculous and beautiful experience that it is. Yet, in some ways, perhaps it is more important now than ever before to do just that – to truly embrace pregnancy and parenting and treat it as a sacred journey that requires your presence each and every step of the way.

Our world has changed radically in the last few decades, and though each generation repeats how “things aren’t what they used to be...”, conditions today in this world are like never before, and they continue to change at an ever-increasing rate. Children today are surrounded by technology from birth, are largely raised on nutrient-poor foods, spend less time outdoors and get less exercise. Building a strong, healthy foundation and bond with your child before birth may be more crucial than ever before to ensure that they thrive in their lifetime, both physically and emotionally.

In this age of environmental pollutants, exponential pharmaceutical drug use, the availability of processed ‘foods’ on every corner, more than ever it is a time for each one of us to take full responsibility and take back our health, our children’s health, and that of the planet. It is up to each of us to take full responsibility in all possible ways for our children, even if still only in the womb, until the time comes for that child to make his own choices.

Believe it or not, the perceptions, thoughts and actions you now hold will affect your ability to become pregnant, your pregnancy experience, and who your child will ultimately become. We are sicker than ever, women are having difficulties conceiving, and childhood conditions and diseases are skyrocketing. As a basis for health, the existing medical model is not working – it is time for women to take back their fertility and to stop treating pregnancy and childbirth as medical events. The answers lie within you, not outside of you.

Dr. Bruce Lipton tells us that the pregnant mother is not only a source of nutrients, but also a source of information. How many doctors ask their pregnant patients how they are feeling? Are they happy? Sad? Stressed? Joyful? Fearful? Rather, their weight is checked, their bellies measured, they be may be asked what they are eating and are told to take a prenatal vitamin, and then they are sent off on their merry – or not so merry – way. But there is SO much more to this picture and it is not being addressed.

The womb environment is such a critical contributing factor to a child’s outcome. A developing baby’s only clue to the outside world is through her mother. If the mother is sad, chronically stressed, scared and unsupported, that baby will come into this world expecting a hostile environment - having been bombarded throughout her development with these "negative" hormones and emotional states. Science demonstrates that, among other things, baby's forebrain development (where conscious reasoning occurs) will be stunted, and her hindbrain (the part that deals with stress) will be more developed.

However, if a mother is joyful, supported, relaxed, and has communicated with her child that she is indeed wanted, the outcome will be the exact opposite and this child will have a greater capacity for intelligence and adaptability. Mothers, not only are you making choices for two when it comes to making choices around your nourishment, you are also thinking for two, feeling for two and emoting for two. While pregnant, your thoughts are literally not your own!

Pregnancy is not a time for stress and drama in your life. Of course, stress is a part of living and minor stress is fine and harmless, and sometimes even constructive. Rather, what this refers to is significant and enduring stress. Pregnancy is a time for the mother to feel loved and to know that she is completely safe and supported. I want to emphasize here that fathers also play a vital part and it is up to them to ensure that their partners are feeling safe, loved and supported to the very best of their ability. This is Dad's most important role during the pregnancy, and a critical role it is. The two working together, conscious mother and conscious father, can create magic.

Pregnancy is a time for joy and peace, a time to start the dialogue with your unborn child, assuring him that he is wanted and loved. It is a time for nutritious choices, clean air, regular exercise, safe cosmetics and cleaners. It is not a time for nail salons and hair dying. It is a time to connect with your partner, to envision the type of birth you would like to experience, and the type of parents you are going to be. It is a time to embrace the process and to trust in your body’s innate and powerful wisdom and your own intuitive nature as a parent. But most of all, it is a time for joy.

So how can you put the consciousness back into your pregnancy? Here are three things that you can do right now:

1) Talk to your baby inutero as often as you can, letting him know that he is loved and wanted. (I did this as much as possible, but always did so at night while I laid in bed before I falling asleep).

2) Discard your chemical cleaners and start cleaning your home with microfibre cloths and water, adding baking soda, castile soap and vinegar if necessary. (I do at least 90% of my cleaning with water and microfibre only). Nix the chemicals that you can in your home, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and environment. There is a reason that pregnant mothers become extra sensitive to smells: listen to your senses.

3) Simplify your schedule to reduce unnecessary stress and spend time appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Indulge in regular walks in nature or a cuddle on the couch with your partner.

What are you doing to up the consciousness in your pregnancy?

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Sascha Kalivoda is a holistic nutritionist and the creator of Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide, an online program devoted to the education of raising healthy, confident, well-adjusted children. Her program brings together information from world-renowned experts in the fields of biology, nutrition, herbology, conception, childbirth, parenting, education and more. For information please visit Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide. Sascha can be found here on her Facebook page and contacted via email at sascha@inonegeneration.com.



  1. Great information, and such a wonderful reminder. Thank you for speaking to this issue. I see so many pregnant women who are stressed out to the max and thus have an endless occurrences of health problem after health problem. Stress is incredibly damaging on your body, but it's even worse while pregnant. Being intentional and purposeful about your life while pregnant (and in general) is a great goal and very sound advice.

  2. Lovely article. Have added the link to my weekly links post on Free Your Parenting today :)

  3. Hello Jenifer,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I hold all aspects of creating healthy, well-adjusted humans very close to my heart and it inspires me to read comments like yours, as I know that more and more, people are 'getting it'.

  4. This is SUCH important information that so many of us just gloss over or forget about. My two children are intensely different, and while there is nothing I can do to "prove" that their pregnancies impacted who they are as people, I am sure of it. With one I was alone, husband deployed to a war zone, with zero support, anxious, and dealing with my own insecurities and fears regarding pregnancy and birth and motherhood. With the other I was supported, surrounded myself with those who believed in birth and babies and mothering, took daily walks by the ocean, really took time to breath and talk with and connect to my baby from the beginning - even conception was intentional and conscious. Babies absolutely are influenced by our emotions, feelings, hormones, etc., all the while they are growing on the inside as well as the outside.

    Thank you for encouraging us to approach pregnancy with the most open eyes and intentional heart that we can! It makes a difference on ourselves, our children, and our world.

  5. Love this! Something I am very passionate about & expecting our next baby in the new year so I really enjoyed reading. :-)

  6. Joseph Chilton Pearce: "Magical Parent Magical Child: The Art of Joyful Parenting" This book also discusses the human brain, psychology, evolution and consciousness as they relate to parenting.

  7. Well said. I too believe it is VERY important to enjoy ones pregnancy as much as possbile. Not because you don't have any aches and pains, we all know you do...but because you are helping God make a miracle!



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