2 Week Old Baby Dies From Circumcision in Norway

As reported by the Norwegian VG
Source: Gutt døde etter omskjæring i Oslo

Reidar Hjermann, Children's Ombudsman in Norway would like to see, at minimum,
an age restriction on any male genital cutting in Norway. This would protect children under the age of 15-16 from circumcision.

Another baby has died from circumcision. At two weeks old he faced complications of circumcision after he was circumcised by a doctor in Oslo, Norway. The circumcision took place at the physician's office on Oslo's East side. Currently police and the county physician are investigating the case. The baby boy was circumcised on Sunday, May 6th and died 48 hours later.  County medical officer, Peter Schou, confirms that the baby died of complications following circumcision. "We have created a formal supervision against two unnamed doctors," said Schou.

He stated that there have been several cases of circumcision gone wrong in Oslo that currently have physicians under supervision. "These are very difficult cases to investigate because patients rarely complain about circumcision, but we have serious concern from hospitals that get these kids into therapy later," he added. Each year an estimated 2,000 boys are circumcised in Norway - many of them privately and without professional control.

Health and Care Services is now considering tighter laws on circumcision, but there are intense disagreements on circumcision laws both within government and coalition parties. Some strongly advocate a ban on all genital cutting, while others wish to offer the surgical procedure through the public health system. A bill has recently circulated that would limit or ban circumcision of minors altogether.

Child Ombudsman, Reidar Hjermann, would like to see a limitation on the minimum age a child could be circumcised and feels that ritual circumcision should be banned for any child under 15-16 years of age as a matter of health and safety. Justice Policy Center spokeswoman, Jenny Klinge, said ritual circumcision of young boys should be banned altogether just as circumcision of young girls is banned across the nation.


Additional information on newborn circumcision-related complications in the United States:

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