Arriving to Your Circumcision in a Remote Control Car

By John Grantly

"...who said that getting your privates cut could be so much fun?" writes Ryan Lexer at Car Buzz in an article that lit up my email this Father's Day morning. I was glancing over incoming mail briefly as my own (intact) son climbed over on top of me and eagerly announced, "Daddy, it's time to go play!" I had to shake off my a bit of the horror before I took his hand to go. That someone would make such a party over something I feel was sexual assault upon my own body 34 years ago this month is almost too much for me to stomach. Fireworks. Bongos. Music. Dancing. Thumbs-up. Laughter. And baby arriving in a remote control car to have his penis cut apart.

I am fully aware that there are some who believe all forms of forced genital cutting on boys and girls are wrong except for those done for parents' 'religious reasons.' I take a difference stance. I feel that my right to practice my religion ends where another's body begins. My right to practice my faith only extends to the edges of another human beings' basic human rights. And this includes the rights of the innocent - those who are not otherwise able to defend themselves - my own baby included.

I took a deep breath, hit 'Forward' to a few Jewish friends to get their take on the whole thing, and hugged my son a little tighter as we ran outside to play.


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  1. Wow, I can't imagine you felt when you opened that email. I'm not sure how to take it myself. I definitely agree with your take on practising without harm though.

    Happy peaceful parenting to you!



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