When you use tampons, are you inserting mold into your body?


One woman recently went to use a Kotex brand tampon, and fortunately was a little clumsy getting it out of the packaging. She discovered patches of mold growing all over the product -- one that was seconds away from being inside her body. She wrote to the manufacturer and was horrified to discover that this is fairly common, and received a basic apology and coupons to buy more of their products.

Reusable sanitary pads (or moon pads) are one stellar option that many women have switched to in recent years. They do not cause cramping or mild contractions that many women experience when inserting something during a period, save oodles of money over the course of years, and are always clean and safe for the wearer. After trying out several, our team of volunteers found Teamoy to be a favorite. With their fun patterns, and solid manufacturing, this brand stands the test of time and heavy use, are very easy to wash in the wash machine/dryer, and come in all types of sizes and lengths with snaps. They did not leak for the women who tried them and were even better (and soft!) than the best selling pads on the market today. Highly recommended. 

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