Breastfeeding is L♡VE: A Valentine's Celebration

"The beauty, and calm of tandem nursing - having your two little ones climb up on your lap, and both of them looking up at you with love in their eyes... 
Those memories, precious moments never to be forgotten, and forever kept close to the heart!" ~Melanie (pictured above with her two little ones)

Ah, the blessed goodness of one of the very best Valentine's gifts ~ gentle mothering and momma's milk! We've celebrated past holidays with some milk-lovin' albums (Christmas Milk and Halloween Milk), and received several photos today from mothers with their little nursing Valentines. However, all admins on the peaceful parenting page at Facebook are coming off a 3-day block or restriction after lactiphobic persons flagged another mother's beautiful breastfeeding photo that was shared to the pp page. As a result, we've decided to begin this gallery that will reach far more audiences and serve as a beautiful reminder of some sweet Valentine's moments for years to come. ❤

If you have a photo you'd like to add, email it to (with your name if you'd like a watermark added).

This photo of Lindsey nursing her 3rd baby is really special as it is the very first Valentine's Day
that she's a breastfeeding mom.  Read more of her story here

3 years, 8 months 

"Here, my 4 and a half month old is being nursed to sleep. Having him comforted and feeling secure is one of the most
indescribable feelings of joy! This experience, that no one else can share or intrude, makes it special for the both of us!" ~Joyce 

"Sweet Margo taking her night time sips while cuddling in Mama's bed on her first Valentine's Day.
She was born on 10/25/12. Nursing is such a gift to both of us." ~Lucy 

"Today was very special to me for one reason: my son, who is now 4 1/2 years old, asked for 'mommy milk' before falling asleep. 'Like I used to always have when I was a baby...' he said. I always thought we would be the mother/child duo who would nurse for a full duration of years - and on the long end at that. 5 years, minimum. But right around my son's 4th birthday, I began having some health issues. A mass was found under my chest, beneath my lungs, and my milk dried up. My son continued to nurse on occasion, but without the liquid gold he'd become accustomed to, there was not as much incentive. In addition, he fell ill 3 times in a row for the very first time of his life. I was devastated to not have the one thing he needed most through this last cold and flu season, but with impending surgery and treatment, there aren't many options for re-lactation at this point. Over the past 6 months my son has lost his 'effective latch' and on the rare occasion when he does still ask for 'Mommy Milk,' nursing does not typically last for more than a few brief moments before he pats his 'milk' and looks at me again to say, 'I can't get any out. It's all dried up...' This is the first Valentine's Day in 5 years that I am not lactating - and it is bittersweet, indeed. But my phone was within reach when he asked to nurse this evening and I was able to snap this one (potentially final) photo breastfeeding my baby." ~Danelle 



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