Dads, and Others: TAKE PICTURES of Mom and Her Kids!

By Jennifer Rose Bush
Originally on Facebook

Jennifer writes:

I’m going to address a super common issue that moms face just as a PSA. You may roll your eyes but it’s a thing.

Dads, other moms, partners, family members — TAKE PICTURES OF MOM + HER BABY.

Do it from the jump.

I just realized I didn’t get a pic of me and Frank today, and I was super sad. Then I realized he was gardening with me this morning and it was a perfect photo opp not taken. I thought of a few other sweet moments I would’ve loved to have saved that are just a memory now, too. If you look through most mother’s photos — the ones of them with their kids are either expensive professional sessions that we had to beg to get done, or blurry, less than flattering selfies — and if they aren’t, they are often taken with resistance, eye rolls, and grunts.

Just take the damn picture. 📸

Do it when she’s looking or when she’s not.

Catch the special moments because she sure does and she wants some, too! We get lost behind the lens, in the background. Pictures are so important to us. They carry us on through time. They remind us of the big deals and the little ones, too.

So tonight I snuck up to my baby’s room and took one of us as our last day under two while he was sleeping. My little baby is growing up and I’m thankful I have documented it so thoroughly, but I sure do wish I had some special photos of us together.

That’s one of my biggest pieces of advice to new parents — it’ll mean so much for years to come. 🖤

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