To the Mom Fighting for Your Child's Health

By Rowyn Bakwin

A needed share for the moms in the club no one wants to join!...

I wanted to send a special Mother's Day out to the mothers here who are so very fiercely fighting for their children's health. We all have a certain amount of guilt and regret and wistfulness about our particular population of kids.

It is heartbreaking for me as a consultant to hear parents crying out for help for their children. Especially some of those older kids who have 'done it all' and were non-responders or relapsed and do not seem to be able to achieve some level of normalcy.

As a mother myself who has been desperate for her child, here are some of the things I have asked myself, and I have heard you all ask as well.

What intervention to do next?

What doctor can help me get what my child needs?

How are we going to afford this, and how can we NOT pay for it somehow, anyway?

I am a prisoner of my child's daily OCDs and rituals, as are my other kids, what is this doing to our family?

I am not crazy!

My child has MEDICAL issues and doctors will not listen to me. I am frantic to help my child, not out of my mind.

If I had only known then what I know now, my child would be healthy. 

Will my child be debilitated for the rest of his or her life?

Will he ever have friends?

Leave the house?

Have a family?

You mothers, you are heroines. 

You are (usually) not doctors and scientists and pharmacists, neurologists, immunologists. You do not have the education and background to slog through the research and try to comprehend it on 3 hours of sleep -- but you do it!

You may have to wake up to rituals to perform with your neurologically impaired child, to help quiet their frantic anxiety, rituals that make no sense and may last hours at a time, but you do them.

You may have to sacrifice some of what you give your 'well' kids to protect and nurture your sick one, and it is not fair, but you do it.

You may spend all your money, second mortgage your home, to fly your kid across the country for an intervention that may or may not work, but you do it.

Your child's life literally hangs in the balance of your choices.

And few people know that but you.

Please mothers, acknowledge yourselves.

Happy Mother's Day 💗

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