Human Milk Changes with COVID Antibodies for Sake of Baby

Human milk is always changing - day to day, week to week, to match a baby's specific developmental and immunity needs at any given time. When mom or baby has a virus, milk is super charged with antibodies to support the immune system in doing its job. This is one of many reasons continuing to breastfeed through an illness is ideal. Nothing is more healing (or preventative) than mom's milk, and is irreplaceable for a baby facing sickness.

In fact, when a nursing mother pumps while her body is amping up antibodies, she can often literally see the difference in her milk. Because human milk is made from mother's blood, when she or her baby is ill, mom's body creates antibodies to fight the illness. These pass through her milk to help baby fight things -- causing a change in milk shade, color, or composition. 

One mother, Anna, shared this photo of how her milk changed in color within the days following a positive COVID test, when she and her baby were both ill. Her milk was packed with the goodness her baby needed to recover as rapidly as possible, and to not become as ill as may otherwise occur.

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