Attention: HOMEBIRTH MOMS - Board of Medicine NEEDS YOUR STORY for CPMs

Dear NOVA homebirth members,

It has recently come to the attention of the VA Board of Medicine that CPMs are attending "high risk" moms at home. Included on their list of concerns are moms with gestational diabetes, morbidly obese moms, non-vertex presentation, twins and VBACs. It is essential that CPMs have the support of consumers to continue caring for women in these categories. It would be great to have both successful homebirth stories, as well as, attempted homebirths that resulted in a transfer of care. To that extent, if you are "high risk" homebirth mom that received care from a CPM, please contact me at I will be able to send you a draft letter that you can easily personalize. This is an URGENT matter as the VA BOM will be meeting in the upcoming weeks to discuss this matter.

Kind Regards,
Lori Orme

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