I am THAT Mom

A friend posted the following... I found it smart and funny - combating ignorance with a little laced humor.

I am THAT Mom

Anyone ever feel that way?

I had my first get together with parents of my daughter's classmates. 4 "normal" moms -- and me.

They’re talking formula and I’m just sitting there quietly. Yes I can sit quietly. I figure I have to be around these moms for several years to come so I just best sit quietly.

One woman said something that sparked me to say (defiance, darn you defiance!) "Livie nursed to 4 years (gasps and shrieks all around), Levi til 3 and...," nodding to Lucy.

"THAT’S GROSS! If they can walk to the fridge and get themselves milk then they are too old! If they can ask for it, they are too old! Anything past 6 months is gross and unnecessary." All from one woman.

One of the other moms said, "Now ladies, we’re all different," or something to that effect. I said "Yes, I am biting my tongue, trust me." I finally got the ranter to quiet down by saying, "I was told that by breastfeeding my daughters they would be lesbians." That got a good laugh.

Ranter got up to go and says to me, "I apologize if I offended you." I tried to tell her that, oh, I understand. I tend to offend people when I spout breastfeeding facts which is why I was keeping my mouth shut. "Oh just take the apology for what it is," she said and flounced out. blinkblink.

I was thinking and so badly wanted to say, "I’m not offended because I know your opinions are based on ignorance."

So now I am THAT mom.

I think I’ll save the homebirthing info our next birthday party.

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