Blissful Homebirths of JAQ & Chloë

Linked below is Sandi Heinrich's photo blog of my friend, Jen's, beautiful Birthing Day a few weeks ago. I can't keep the tears from my eyes when reading/looking at this. Amazing. You are such a birthing goddess, Jen! And a photo genius, Sandi!

Upon her birth, Jen (who is an active doula and peaceful parenting advocate) sent me this message, "I cannot wait to tell this birth story to was so amazing and WITHOUT pain..I kid you not. It IS possible and I will say why I believe so in my story." Read more of Jen's blissful home waterbirth in her blog here.

Welcoming Jakob Asher: Here Comes the Son

Another friend, Emma, gently birthed at home just a couple weeks ago as well. As an aspiring midwife, she desired to show a real, authentic look at how *normal* (physiological) birth unfolds at home. Emma says that she is "infinitely proud of my body and my baby - and of the ordinary miracle that we accomplished that day." Another Wise Woman!

Chloë's homebirth


Thank you so much to Jen & Emma for sharing their birthing days with others so that women everywhere are empowered with knowledge of their options to experience their own amazing birth.

For more information on birthing gently, peacefully, enjoyably, in water see these great resources:

Choosing Waterbirth

Waterbirth: A Midwife's Perspective

Gentle Birth Choices (includes DVD)

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

We Are All Waterbabies

The Waterbirth Book

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