Ice Pop Joy: Lavender Flower Power Recipe

Anni Daulter, mother and author of Ice Pop Joy, and creator of Bamboo Magazine, graciously shares one of her healthy, fresh and delicious ice pop recipes with peaceful parenting readers below. Before indulging, please check out more of the background on Ice Pop Joy here. When you and the kiddos make up Lavender Flower Power pops at your house, be sure to snap a picture and share it with us! We'd love to see you in ice pop action. Send to or post on the peaceful parenting Facebook page. We'll add your photo here and you can be part of the new ice pop joy spreading the nation!

Lavender Flower Power


1 Tablespoon edible lavender flowers
1 teaspoon lavender extract
4 Tablespoons honey
½ cup heavy cream
1 ½ cups whole milk


Combine the lavender flowers, lavender extract, and honey in a bowl and mix together.
Add in the heavy cream and milk and then mix together.
Blend all ingredients together to a smooth texture in blender.
Pour mixture into chosen pop molds.
Add in some additional edible lavender flowers to make them extra special.

HINT: Add in one tiny drop of violet colored food coloring to make the color really “pop!”
Makes 6
4 oz. pops

Pop – Culture Health Tip

Many folks do not know you can consume lavender, but you can, and English Lavender is said to be the most popular edible form. The flavor is a subtle and somewhat acquired taste, that is really refreshing and soothing. Lavender is an herb that is well known to calm the nerves and just the tiniest bit of lavender extract goes a long way.

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