There are few things better on a hot summer day than a fresh homemade popsicle. But if you are like me, you soon run out of ideas for new and inventive ways to make those ice pops treats unique, tasty and healthy for kids. Anni Daulter comes to the rescue with her phenomenally fun new book, Ice Pop Joy: Organic, Healthy, Fresh, Delicious.

Too often we hear parents beg for ideas, "Help! I can't get my kids to eat anything healthy..." And it is this very thing that inspired mom and author, Daulter, to put together her book packed with original ideas for ice pops. She says, "I wrote this book for parents who stay awake at night worried that their children aren’t getting enough protein or veggies because their kids flat out refuse to eat them. As a mom, I’ve had those concerns and know how frustrating it can be to try to get kids to eat something when they’re not in the mood." Within its beautiful thick pages, cover to cover with vibrant colors and stunning photographs, parents find easy to follow recipes for ice pops that will take the place of refined sugar desserts and snacks lacking nutritional value.

Pure Sunshine, page 26 Ice Pop Joy

Ice Pop Joy has 50 organic, fresh and delectable recipes that the whole family will enjoy. You'll find fruit pops, veggie pops, tofu pops, chocolate pops, yogurt pops and even some of Daulter's 'extra special' creations.

What do we especially love about this book? Aside from the fact that the pages are glossy and super thick -- standing up well to those sticky toddler ice pop making fingers, the recipes themselves are gems! These are not only healthy concoctions that take some of the guess work out of combining ingredients and hoping they'll turn out post freezer-time, but they are also fabulously tasty and get children involved! The toddlers around peaceful parenting have a blast selecting their own recipes from among the beautiful photos of Ice Pop Joy, and the older kids enjoy gathering up ingredients for ice pop creations. In the process, it gives us all a new, healthy food outlook and activity to share.

Summer Splash Tofu, page 80 Ice Pop Joy

"We need as many tools in our parenting bag as we can get. Ice Pop Joy recipes will encourage your kids to try new flavors and appreciate fresh, seasonal ingredients. Before you know it, your kids will be creating their own signature frozen treats filled with their own choice of wholesome ingredients and sharing them with their friends!" says Daulter.  And we've found this to be true! My own little one adores adding one of his favorites (fresh tomatoes!) to some of his recipes. Who'd have thought a three year old would get the whole gang on board with his ice pop tomato obsession?!

Home making of popsicles has long been a favorite in our family. In fact, it is one of the early memories I have of summer time food prep in the kitchen with my mom and our neighborhood gang of young friends. I am sure she would have been thrilled to have Ice Pop Joy on our shelf some 30+ years ago, but you and I are the ones who get to indulge today! Maybe later, we'll take Grandma a homemade sample of one of our new favorite ice pop joys...

Protein Bar, page 133 Ice Pop Joy

Pick up a copy of Ice Pop Joy at your local bookstore, or receive a discounted hardcover copy at the peaceful parenting Amazon shop here. 

Daulter has shared one of her special ice pop recipes with peaceful parenting readers here! See Lavender Flower Power and try your hand at some ice pop making today. 

Visit the Ice Pop Joy home page for additional details and info. Ice Pop Joy on Facebook

To hear more from Anni Daulter, visit the wonderful site for her new Bamboo Magazine: Conscious Family Living. Bamboo Magazine on Facebook

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