PostSecret: Foreskin Turned Me On

This postcard was shared at PostSecret yesterday, and this individual may or may not realize that they are far from alone... The organs of the human body have a purpose - each and every one. It is not strange, or shameful, to be turned on by the intact male body, after all, that is precisely as it was meant to be.

This individual's second secret - "I wish my fiancé had one" - is also not uncommon. Just as there is a mourning of loss (and sometimes anger, resentment, remorse) when a man discovers the full truth of all that was taken from him, his partner goes through a similar (yet different) process of dealing with a sex life, and a loved one, who was not allowed to have it all. Love for this man is no less powerful, they are no less 'sexy.' But until we can talk about what is lost to MGM, really wrap our heads around it, and have conversations about how this impacts all parties involved, we're not able to move forward, look at our options (restoration, perhaps?) and ensure we end the cycle of stealing foreskin from future men, and those they come to love...

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Want to help shift the attitude about foreskin in our culture today? These info cards were designed with straight, young women in mind (those who make up the majority of future mothers in our nation). The cards were created upon request from a couple librarians who wanted an intact info card that fit with the romance novel and 'sexy magazine' theme, and for hosts of Passion Parties and Pure Romance gatherings.

We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from those who've included them as an awareness raising, or conversation starting, tool in an already sensually-driven setting. They are easy to slip into copies of 50 Shades of Grey at your local store, into the women's magazines that highlight every imaginable article on sex and the male body, quick to leave in the women's restroom when you're out for a night on the town, or to give to a friend and plant some seeds of insight... Together, we can change the thinking on the normal male body, and in turn, spare a future generation of men from having something so important taken from them.

 Suggested donation for cards (includes shipping costs):
$3 = set of 25
$6 = set of 50 
$10 = set of 100
$20 = set of 200


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