American Airlines Attendant Defends Babywearing

By Victoria Wilson
originally shared on Facebook

On my American Airlines LEX -- CTL flight earlier this week an amazing attendant went to bat for us. I wish I could remember her name, and write in the hopes that she will see this. She said to her colleague who asked me to remove Harper from our wrap before take off, "Look at this baby. She is happy and perfect in her mother's arms. Think about this logically. It is much safer for the baby in this snug wrap. If anyone has a problem they can talk to me."

My flight home is unfortunately not as accommodating. Another mother was asked to remove her baby from her carrier. I am nursing and decided not to put Harper back into ours. Sharing publicly and tagging the airline as a way to raise awareness and ask for this policy to change.

Editors' note: Babies under age 2 riding "in arms" on airplane flights are far safer wrapped securely to mom or dad, or fastened into a quality carrier on a parent's chest. The seatbelt should be placed below baby, snug across a parent's lap. Airline policies that call for parents to remove a baby from a wrap or carrier are misguided and/or misinformed as to babywearing safety -- and comfort/security/happiness for baby as well. Let's encourage airlines to review and update their policy with current data and information available.

American Airlines current policy on traveling with babies states that an "infant may be held by an adult in their lap" but that "any device that positions a child on the lap or chest of an adult" is not approved for use. Read the full policy here:

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