Child injured in car accident when belt moved behind her back

On August 6th, loving father, Jonah Fults, shared a photo of his daughter and the following description of what occurred when she moved her seatbelt behind her shoulder (instead of keeping it across her chest). It is a powerful reminder to all parents, and children who are using belts, to be sure they are used correctly. Many older children (out of car seats) are prone to moving the chest strap behind them "because it is uncomfortable," but this, or worse, is too often the result.

Jonah writes:
I'm posting a picture of my precious little Firecracker Demi who was hurt last Friday in a car accident. I want people to understand the importance of the correct utilization of a car seat. She put her shoulder belt behind her back. This low speed accident happened in a neighborhood close to the house that they left. So 'I'm just going right down the road' is no excuse! We all have done it. She went forward, and hit the seat or the door. She has an orbital bone fracture. We will know soon if surgery is required to keep her eye muscles working properly. Her brother was fine in a car seat on the other side. Please people, protect our little ones. This is the scariest thing I've ever been through. Head injuries are for real!

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  1. Unfortunate reminder. I've had a car jump in front of me from its parking spot without checking her mirrors, while I was driving through a parking lot of a mall, where I thought kids didn't need the belt on for few yards. With the push on the breaks, kids fell off their car seats, luckily without hitting their faces or anything. But that was my last time, ever saying "we are going just down the road and won't worry about the seat belts".

    The only time this involuntarily happens is when we get in a taxi. Without booster seat we only can use the wait belt for our little one.

  2. These sad circumstances are a good reminder to other parents about seat belts and safety. An accident can happen right down the block from your own home. It is also important to have a safe car seat for little ones and make sure it has not been recalled.

  3. Is there an update 2 years later for her? I'd like to see (I'm a tech and this data would be helpful).



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