15% Off Fun Onesies/T-shirts

Just wanted to let you know that the fabulous company, Spreadshirt, that makes these t-shirts, onesies, etc. for men, women, kids and babies, has a 15% off St. Patrick's Day sale from now through March 12th on any order of $35. It's a great deal and they are wonderful items - good quality, look great, and stand up nicely to many washes. We've ordered oodles of these items for ourselves and gifts and have always been pleased.

The women's sizes tend to run just a tad smaller than 'average' - so if you typically wear a size large (and are ordering an adult shirt) you may want an XL. The men's sizes seem to be typical. For toddlers, you may want to go up 1 size as well. The onesies are about average in size, and are listed with measurements on the page.
Items on this site are just a sampling of what you'll find. There are several categories to browse (Breastfeeding, Birth, Attachment Parenting, Cloth Diapering, Intactivism, CoSleeping, Babywearing, Un/Homeschool, etc., or you can 'search all categories' at once.)

If you need a color/phrase/style you don't see, let us know and we'll will pass along the word. We do not make, sell, or ship these items, but do help to organize those that are related to natural family living so they are more easily found. Email: peacefulparents@gmail.com with suggestions or requests.

SALE CODES FOR 15% OFF (Through March 12th) ARE:

Put in the code at checkout.

And send us a picture when you get a chance. We love to see all of you in action!


  1. oh man now I want an ultrasound just to find out if we're having a boy or not! LOL Bad me!

    Could they change the maternity top to: "Birthin' at home, keeping baby whole"? Then gender won't matter....

  2. Anonymous - Done!
    The "birthin' at home, keepin' baby whole" maternity Ts have been added.

  3. I love these!! There needs to be a "cosleepers do it on the couch" ;) LOL



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