Perfectly Intact! Birth Certificate

A friend (and fabulous birth advocate and doula in the Hampton Roads area) spotted this card at Target today. It would be nice if each newborn birth certificate reminded us that our little one does indeed come into this world as AMAZING! and PERFECTLY INTACT! ~ No alterations necessary.

While the card makers were likely going for something completely age related, it can easily be double-read as an intactivist message. I may just have to go pick up a couple...


  1. Nice.:) I've been thinking about all the people (mostly converts, TG) who say "I just thought that's what you do when you have a boy". Yes, you grow a perfect baby boy, but mother nature requires the doctors to "fix" him- so that he works right. It's really hard to improve on nature and most attempts to do so end badly.

  2. It is sad that some parents will even get their boy recircumcised, because not enough was removed the first time.

  3. I read this on a pregnancy/parenting site..."Yes, it hurts. If you circumcise, insist on a local anesthetic -- an injection or topical cream -- to keep baby comfy. A pacifier dipped in sugar water will also calm him down."
    So let's ask any male if it is ok to cut into his penis if we put on a little local anesthetic and stick a sucker in his mouth.... Really??



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