Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Massachusetts MGM Bill Public Hearing

Massachusetts MGM Bill Public Hearing

Please join us in Boston to voice your support for the

Massachusetts MGM Bill!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1:00 pm

Hearing Room A-1

The Massachusetts State House

24 Beacon Street

Boston, MA 02108



Massachusetts MGM Bill Status

Massachusetts MGM Bill History

Committee Hearing Tips

Please email your written testimony and/or a link to your video testimony in support of the bill before March 2nd by writing to:

Michael Avitzur, Legislative Counsel (Michael.Avitzur@state.ma.us)


Rep. Eugene O’ Flaherty, House Judiciary Chair (Rep.GeneOFlaherty@hou.state.ma.us)

with a copy to these other Judiciary Committee members:

Senator Cynthia Creem, Senate Judiciary Chair (Cynthia.Creem@state.ma.us)

Senator Steven Baddour, Senate Judiciary Vice-Chair (Steven.Baddour@state.ma.us)

Senator Gale Candaras (Gale.Candaras@State.MA.US)

Senator Jack Hart (John.Hart@state.ma.us)

Senator Thomas McGee (Thomas.McGee@state.ma.us)

Senator Bruce Tarr (Bruce.Tarr@state.ma.us)

Rep. Christopher Speranzo, House Judiciary Vice-Chair (Rep.ChristopherSperanzo@Hou.State.MA.US)

Rep. James Fagan (Rep.JamesFagan@hou.state.ma.us)

Rep. Colleen Garry (Rep.ColleenGarry@hou.state.ma.us)

Rep. Marie St. Fleur (Rep.MarieSt.Fleur@hou.state.ma.us)

Rep. John Fernandes (Rep.JohnFernandes@Hou.State.MA.US)

Rep. Katherine Clark (Rep.KatherineClark@HOU.State.MA.US)

Rep. James Dwyer (Rep.JamesJDwyer@hou.state.ma.us)

Rep. Danielle Gregoire (Rep.DanielleGregoire@hou.state.ma.us)

Rep. Lewis Evangelidis (Rep.LewisEvangelidis@hou.state.ma.us)

Rep. Daniel Webster (Rep.DanielWebster@hou.state.ma.us)

You can also contact the Boston news media and ask them to report on this history making event:


Boston Globe: 617-929-2000

Boston Herald: 617-619-6789

Metro Boston: 617-210-7905

Boston Phoenix: 617-536-5390

New York Times, Boston: 617-227-6188

Associated Press, Boston: 617-357-8101

Wall Street Journal, Boston: 617-654-6714


NPR WBUR Boston: 617-353-0770



ABC WCVB TV 5: 781-449-0400

NBC WHDH 7: 800-280-TIPS

FOX WFXT TV 25: 781-467-1300

PBS WGBH TV 2: 617-300-5400

We'll see you there!

for additional information, visit MGMBill.org

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