Planning a Pregnancy After 45

Do you plan to have a child at age 45? Is it good to have a child at age 45? Experts do not give a strict answer - yes or no - but warn about the possible dangers of giving birth at such an age. Specialists also say that the chances of getting pregnant naturally at age 45 are just a few percent. It is important to take into account not only the age of the mother but also the age of the father. High-risk pregnancies can start before pregnancy. If the patient is older, for instance, if she is 35 years old or older, if the child's father is 42 years old or more, then the fetus will need genetic tests. Sometimes it is also difficult for a couple to get pregnant when an assisted reproduction method is needed. According to doctors, problems can occur until the last stage - childbirth. During pregnancy, the fetus can develop, and an ultrasound can detect that something is wrong. Sometimes there can be a problem with a woman, problems with hypertension, problems with premature birth. The last stage, which is happy or not, is childbirth. However, today women can become pregnant at age 45 and have a healthy child. In this article, we will talk about the possibility to have a child at this age.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing of the fetus is still usually recommended based on the age of the future parents. It is known that the risk of fetal malformations increases with the age of a woman and also with a man. According to Stanford University researchers, the risk of giving birth to a baby with Down syndrome when the mother is 25 is 1 in 1250, but when the mother is 40, the risk rises to 1 in 100. Fetal health is affected not only by the age of future parents but also by lifestyle habits - it is already known today that a harmful lifestyle damages human germ cells and affects the distribution of genes. Also, we just don’t know much about our genes. Externally, we are and feel healthy, but we can be carriers of the gene affected by the defect without being aware of it, and when such genes come together to produce offspring with genetic diseases. Specialists notice that the attitude of future parents is also changing. In the past, genetic testing based on pregnancy indications and medical history was mostly recommended by doctors, today some family-planning couples choose to assess the risk of genetic disease before they become pregnant by performing screening tests for gene carriers.


One of the most important questions that patients face is what to do if they have infertility problems at a more mature age. Firstly, it is necessary to find out what the reasons cause infertility. Over the years of practice, professionals have been convinced that the causes of this disorder can be both congenital or inherited, as well as caused by external factors (various diseases, disorders, etc.). Statistics show that as much as 80 percent of cases of infertility are medical or somatic in nature, and the main factors are related to the environment and lifestyle. Infertility usually occurs due to hormonal imbalances, and anatomical disturbances. Problems related to mental health, such as conflicts at home, suppression of emotions, and tension also have a significant impact on fertility. However, recovering fertility is proven to be possible. For example, lifestyle modifications, such as reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and developing good exercise habits can increase the possibility to have a child. Also, it’s important to regularly visit your doctor.

Concluding remarks

In this modern age, it is possible to have a healthy child after 40 or even 45. There are many celebrities who gave birth after 40. Although science, technology, and innovation are developing rapidly, 35 is still the limit when fertility is declining rapidly. However, the rapid pace of life and new circumstances are changing the age at which women choose to have children. If earlier it was normal to give birth at 20–24-year-old, now the average age in Lithuania is 28 years. However, today we can see miracles that women at the age of 45 or more can have a baby and create their dream family.

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