How To Talk To Your Partner About Adult Toys

Have you wanted to use an adult toy with your partner but are unsure how to begin the discussion? You’re not alone; plenty of people are hesitant about using adult toys in the bedroom. Men feel that the toy is their replacement. However, this type of thinking is furthest from the truth. Toys are meant to enhance pleasure and not replace another person. Men must better understand what a sex toy does in the bedroom. Here are some tips on talking to your man about using sex toys in the bedroom. 


Sometimes men think about the wrong reasons when discussing a sex toy. They may feel that you don’t appreciate them or believe they can’t satisfy you enough in bed. The first step is to inform your partner that it’s not about them. Let them know that women need more than just internal stimulation. The female body is highly complicated and may require external factors to help orgasm. 

Only 57% of women orgasm during sex, while 95% of men finish in the same session. Women’s bodies need a specific type of stimulation to bring them to orgasm. Men must understand that a toy can help them reach that level of pleasure. Sometimes women can only orgasm with a sex toy. Let him know that a woman’s body is unique and needs specific stimuli like vibrators to reach an orgasm that a man cannot replicate. 

Be sensitive

The topic of adult toys can make men uncomfortable. It’s essential to be sensitive to their feelings. If they genuinely believe you’d rather use a toy instead of them, then you must sensitively approach the topic. Let them know that you enjoy what they do for you in bed. Tell them about all the positives and your favorite positions. Let them know that a toy could never replace the intimacy and passion you both create in the bedroom. 

Further, allow them to ask questions and vent about their problems with the toys. If they are willing to discuss with you, then it’s the first step to opening their minds. It’s essential to make your partner feel comfortable discussing anything about sex. Remember how much you care about him and walk him through your wants without any judgment on either side. 

Pick out a toy with him

Once he is open to the idea, look up luxury erotic toys together. He can be a part of the decision and see how a toy can be used on your body. Soon he will be excited to use the toy and maybe want to buy more. Just remember how much you care for your partner and always leave sex open for discussion. You both deserve to be comfortable and feel pleasure during sex. Luckily, more men are open to sex toys than before. The more men that encourage toy play in the bedroom the more accepting it will be in the future. Meaning, more women can enjoy sex even more than before with the acceptance of their partners. 


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