How Students With Kids Can Make It Through College?

Being a parent is difficult. Being a student is difficult. Doing both at the same time is a double challenge. Let’s see how to make it through college with kids. 

Being a college student is quite a challenge on its own. Most young people are feeling the pressure every school day. Yet, some students choose to take additional responsibility and have a child while still in college. Of course, a school shouldn’t stop you from having a family and kids. Yet, you need to be ready for the extra challenges along the way. After all, being a student with a child requires a lot of balancing. Let’s see how students with kids can make it through college. 

Organize Your Days

Being a mom or a dad while in college is a brave and challenging thing to do. You have to be ready for an extra load of work at home. Moreover, pulling such double shifts every day requires a lot of preparations and organizational moments. You no longer can ‘go with the flow’ or make things based on whether you are in a mood for them or not. From day one of your parenting experience, organizational skills should be your best friend for the next eighteen years. 

You should know your study schedule to a T. So write down all assignments deadlines and exam dates. Make a study plan so you can get ready for all important school days in advance. Also, try to have some flexibility in your schedule. Children always bring an element of chaos into adults’ lives. So you should count on that, too. 

Inform the Office

Another piece of advice we can give you is to inform the office about your situation in advance. Of course, having children doesn’t excuse you from the homework or being absent more than it’s allowed. Yet, it does give your college an idea of how much you are dealing with at the moment. Thus, they can be more empathetic and help you where they can. For example, don’t be afraid to ask for a different schedule or switch up some classes if it is really necessary. 

Secondly, you can tell your professors that you are a student with a kid. All professors are also human. Many of them might have children of their own, so they can understand how much is on your shoulders right now. Again, it is not an excuse for poor and unprofessional behavior. Yet, your professors should know that if you are late for a class, you may have a pretty good reason for it so that they won’t be too harsh with you. After all, your child comes before everything else. The last thing young parents need is additional stress from their lectures. So, hopefully, you can find understanding there. 

Seek Help

Remember, you don’t have to do everything on your own. You should ask for help when you need it. There is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, today, students can find all kinds of help if they are looking for it. For example, sites like Superbgrade offer a great deal of help with homework. Such services can come in handy when you have a family emergency days before the deadline. In this case, paying a small sum for a paper will be a perfect solution that allows you to focus on your family. 

Also, some colleges offer childcare or other family services. Having a chance to leave your kid at on-campus childcare is a wonderful opportunity. You don’t have to worry about babysitters or working out schedules with your partner (if there are two of the parents). Instead, you can bring your child to the campus and even visit them during breaks. Such help is much appreciated. 

Lastly, don’t feel ashamed to ask for help from your family and friends. Sometimes, you can simply want a break for a day. Perhaps, you suddenly need a babysitter, and there is no one to ask for help. Well, then your close circle of people is all you can count on in situations like that. Be brave to ask for help and grateful to have people you can turn to in times of need.


Being a parent means that you have to accommodate your children's needs first. However, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself in the process. You don’t want to burn out before graduation or get depressed for years after college. Overall, do what is in your power to prevent stress and anxiety from becoming your constant plus ones. Self-care is as important for young parents as for the rest of the students. So allow yourself days off when possible. Find ways to unwind after classes. Perhaps, create fun traditions with your kids on the weekends so you can all participate in your self-care routine. 

Take Online Classes

Online classes are at their peak of popularity right now. Why wouldn’t they be? Modern technologies make education easy and accessible for all. So you can also consider getting into online courses instead of going for the more traditional variant. Overall, as long as you are motivated to pursue new knowledge and become a professional, you will benefit from any type of class. Yet, by choosing to go online, you can save some money on childcare while also spending more time with your family. 

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